Innovation meets tradition

The furniture and glass designers have left their mark on Småland. But the province has also been shaped by authors, scientists and artists. There is a rich history with many pioneers to discover. Be inspired here under Culture & Design.

Eksjö – the wooden town

The inner town centre, which dates from the 16th century, is listed, and the wooden buildings have received awards. Go on a town walk and discover the history behind the wooden facades.

The Kingdom of Furniture

Svenssons in Lammhult, Norrgavel, Källemo and Bruno Mathsson in Värnamo are a few of the names in the region known for their design and art of making furniture. Up-to-date exhibitions are mixed with quality shopping.

The narrow gauge railway

Travelling by vintage train behind a steam locomotive belching white smoke or by railbus can be the perfect way to get around in Småland. At a moderate speed you can look out through compartment windows on green meadows and gleaming lakes.

Vandalorum with art and design

The modern, international art and design centre in Värnamo moves freely between subjects and disciplines. Here, art and design are combined in temporary exhibitions at national and international level.

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