Informationen für Reiseveranstalter

Småland in southern Sweden welcomes you to its forests and over 5 000 glittering lakes,  many suitable for fishing and canoeing. In the forests there are trails for hiking and cycling, berries and mushrooms are plenty and the king of the forest (the elk) can be spotted if you are lucky. Glassblowing, furniture and internationally renowned design are closely associated with Småland. Accommodation of various kind suitable for different guests and demands are available; city hotels, countryside mansions, holiday villages or rustic resorts. The three largest cities are Jönköping, Växjö and Kalmar.


Highlighted products and services especially suited for eco and sustainable tourism

Practically all kinds of accommodation are environmental friendly concerning handling of wastes, purchasing of consumption material and food as well as energy consumption.
There are no resorts or companies with a clearly stated policy for eco tourism, but there are several activity companies and accommodations with a clear profile based on nature activities such as hiking, cycling, fishing and riding in sustainable manners. Isaberg is the largest ski resort in southern Sweden with skiing wintertime and broad programme of different activities in summer. Getnö Gård is a nature resort by Lake Åsen, soon to be national park, also with  nature based activities.



Download manual from Småland Nord/Smålands Turism. 

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