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Welcome to enjoy the magnificent nature of Småland with deep forests, sparkling lakes and stunning views. Cook your food over an open fire together with friends and family and experience Småland nature in your own way.

Travel restrictions - but no restrictions to be inspired!

Sweden currently has imposed travel restrictions, as in many countries around the world. Here you can find the latest information from the Government of Sweden regarding the coronavirus, COVID-19.

We will continue to inspire future visits to Småland during this time, but for now we hope that you stay safe and healthy where you are. Take care of yourself and each other. Dream now and Visit Småland later!

Discover the originals - Småland reclaim the name of IKEA products

A lot of IKEA’s products are named after places in Sweden. That’s a nice detail for a Swedish company, but it has caused a great deal of misunderstanding. Today, millions of people think that Bolmen is just a toilet brush, that Misterhult is just an IKEA pendant lamp or that Ingatorp is a more than an IKEA table. As a matter of fact they are all beautiful places to visit.

Discover the originals

Småland's Lake District changes their slogan to "Bolmen is more than an IKEA toilet brush"!

About Bolmen

A lake with clear water, lot of fish, 365 islands, houses to rent, camp grounds, boatlife and kayaking.

Reclaim the name

There are many exciting places in Småland that are more than a name of a product for our homes.

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Stay close to nature

The best way to wake up in the morning is to the sound of birds singing in the wilderness. You can have this experience almost anywhere in Småland, no matter what your preferred accommodation.

A taste of Småland

Småland is a landscape of contrasts with very diverse nature. The breeding, hunting and fishing have left their mark on the Småland food traditions and the old proven recipes are mixed with new exciting dishes based on genuine Småland raw materials.

The Edible Country

Enjoy outstanding outdoor dining experiences in Småland

Food experiences

In Småland we make a habit of enjoying nature as often as possible and very often combined with a meal. Food always taste better outside!

Natural food

In Småland, green food is at the centre. Locally grown produce is preferred and you can find urban cultivations as well as farm shops on the countryside.

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