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Whether you know a lot about Småland or come without expectations, we would love to help you make the most of your visit. We are not trying to tell you how to enjoy Småland, feel free, but these are some of the things we would love to show you. Some are well known and easy to find, others are located along modest country roads, and some of the best things are all over, like the forests and lakes, the red cottages and the stone walls.

We hope you’ll enjoy your stay. Welcome!

Offers and inspiration - The Edible Country

You’ll find it in the deep forest right by Asa Herrgård (manor). Standing on the soft moss, the Småland table is surrounded by conifers, with the sky its ceiling. The rustling and whistling of the forest create the perfect accompaniment. You cook your meal on site. The seasonal ingredients are found right there in the forest, on the meadows, and in the lake. Småland has a lot to offer when it comes to meals and nature.

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Let´s have some fun!

Småland is a natural playground for all ages, with experiences for young and old in the forest and grounds and, not least, in Pippi Longstocking’s world. In Småland, we are playful in every way!

Living the dream

Stay in a red little cottage, your own lighthouse, comfortably in a hotel in the city, or in a small guesthouse in the countryside. Sleep well in Småland, whether you prefer a castle or a hut.

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