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Småland offers more than 5000 lakes and rivers, and more than 200 km coastline. We have everything from beautiful sandy beaches and smooth flat rocks to tiny inland lakes.

Do as the locals, go swimming in a lake!

The Edible Country - Småland

You’ll find one of the two tables deep in the forest, standing on the soft moss, right by Asa Herrgård (manor), and the other by Wallby Säteri on the edge of Skirö lake. Far from stress and everyday life, the tables are situated in the midst of nature either surrounded by conifers with the sky its ceiling at Asa Herrgård, or by beautiful meadows and billowing pastures right by the lake at Wallby Säteri. You cook your meal on site and the seasonal ingredients are found right there in the forest, on the meadows, and in the lake. Reserve your seat right now!

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Let´s stay by the water

Småland is so much more than red cottages and green forests. Småland has seas, lakes and rivers in varying sizes and invites you to many different activities.

A taste of Småland

Småland is a landscape of contrasts with very diverse nature. The breeding, hunting and fishing have left their mark on the Småland food traditions and the old proven recipes are mixed with new exciting dishes based on genuine Småland raw materials.

Crayfish - a genuine Småland tradition

Småland has a long tradition of fishing for the delicious shellfish, whether the fishing has taken place in Vättern, in smaller lakes or streams.

Flavours of Småland

The flavours of Småland include the traditional specialties ostkaka, isterband and lingonsylt. Here you can learn more about them!

Småland Beverages

Typical drinks from Småland include apple must, beer from micro breweries and lingonberry squash.

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Ready for adventures? Isaberg Mountain Resort boasts the longest and the first Rodel Adventure of its kind in Sweden - 1000 meters breathtaking rodelling track!


Right now the weather in Småland changes all the time. Enjoy both sun and rain 😊🌧. After rain is beautifully captured by @naturebyfl


Hello summer 🌞🌺 We celebrate summer with ”tips på smultronställen” as We say in Sweden. You know this cosy places you want to keep for yourself. Come on - share with us. Tag #mysmaland and we will share to all of you. Our first is Bönan och Mustaschen @bonanmustaschen Storgatan 8 in Växjö. Best coffee bar ever. #coffe #växjö #växjöcity #tasty #knowledge


We wish you all a wonderful Midsummer! 😊🇸🇪🌸🌺🌸


Simply Småland in June... #summerinsmåland #idyllic #småland #smaland #summerlight


”Adventures in Småland”. We hope you will have a nice weekend like these guys. 😊🌿🌞 Captured by @kaptenhall 🙏🏻 #småland #visitsmaland #countryside #hygge #weekend #sunset


Greetings from Småland on the Swedish National day 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪 with pics from @visithultsfred and @smalsparsjarnvagen that also runs from @visitvastervik Celebrations with musik, speeches and Swedish fika. Photo: @visithultsfred @smalsparsjarnvagen


Vi instämmer med @kostaboda och gratulerar @kaspersen och @callesterner till vinsten i Let’s dance 😊🏆... och till bästa priset - skon i glas designad av Kjell Engman och tillverkad på Kosta Glasbruk i Glasriket, Småland. #glasriket #småland #kostaboda #design #konst #glas


Våren och sommaren möts. Blomdoften ligger tät. Maj i Småland! ❤️🌸 . . . May in Småland - Spring and Summer meet! ❤️🌸 #visitsmåland #visitsmaland #rödstuga #redcottage #sommarstuga #cherryblossom #sakura


Bästa tiden på året.... 😊🌿🌞 . . The best time of the Year ... . #natureforreal #åsnen #åsnensnationalpark #green #lakes #småland #relax


Cykelns dag firar du bäst i Småland! . . The bike’s day is best celebrated in Småland 👍🏻😊🚴‍♂️ . #cykelnsdag #bikeday #biking #cykla #småland #smaland


Danske Torpare (an association of Danish cottage owners in Sweden) sent a very nice postcard from Småland. Thanks @dansketorpare for the great pic. . #cottage #stuga #garden #ragrug #småland #visitsweden


Öppet i helgen på @asensby Kom å fika! 🌱☕️🍪 . . The old village @asensby is open on weekends. Come and have a Swedish #fika #coffe #cookies #traditions #history #smaland #småland 📷 Åsens by


Härliga grönska välkommen till Småland! 🌿🌱🍀 . Lovely greenery - welcome to Småland 👋🏻 . #spring #summer #green #trees #light


Konstglashow i hyttan på Mickejohans. Under Konstglashelgen i @glasriket tänjer de på gränserna och skapar magi 👌🏻✨ ... Art Glass demonstration at Mickejohans in the Kingdom in Crystal. Magic 👌🏻✨ . #glasriket #mickejohanskonstglas #glaskonst #art #design #småland


Kan detta vara reklam för ett cykellopp? Ja faktiskt. Nästa vecka körs Cabin Fever i Jönköping👍🏻🌲🏕🏡 Läs mer hos .. Can this be an ad for a bike race? Yes indeed. Next week It’s time for Cabin Fever in Jönköping Read more. 😃👍🏻🌲🏡 . #cabinfever #bike #bikepacking #jönköping #småland #bikerace