Experiense Småland from above

Little Rock Lake Zipline is the longest in Northern Europe. There you can enjoy a canopy tour through the wilderness of the deep Småland forests, pass high above precipitous cliffs and vertiginous ravines and enjoy nature above the tree tops.

The zipline runs through big forests and over water at a height of 10-52 metres. You hang in a harness and travel along a wire suspended between towers and trees at speeds of up to 39 MPH/70 km/h. The course is a continuous 1.5 km system. There are eleven zip stations in wilderness forest, where moose, roe deer, wild boar and even wolf can be seen. All tours are always accompanied by two trained guides who provide information about the local ecology and cultural history. The newest feature is parallel cables, making it possible for two people to ride simultaneously, competing to get to the next tower. The experiences under the line, together with the skillful guides, give all guests an unforgettable experience.


Outlook tower, skycamping and Bar-B-Q

The first tower on the black course is situated on the highest point. Even if you donÅLt want to zip you can go to the top and enjoy the astonishing view over deep forests and lakes. If you want a really exciting experience - you can stay overnight in the top of the tower and wake up to an astonishing wiew. There are possibilities to buy coffee, icecream and lemonade on the spot. You can also buy food to grill yourself at one of the barbeque areas at the top.

Facts about the course

Number of zipline stations: 11
Total length of course: 1570 metres
Longest section between stations: 370 metres
Maximum height: 52 metres
Estimated top speed: 39 MPH / 70 km/h
Views: four lakes and large forests.

The course is situated 50 km north of Växjö.

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