Filmbyn Småland

Filmbyn Småland is an activity destination where visitors can experience and relive children’s movies and take part in the creation of films and stories, both through Filmbyn Smålands exhibition and by taking a tour tracing the Emil film-locations. Filmbyn Småland is built upon the value foundation that Astrid Lindgren established through her authorship and the films based on her books. She showed respect for children and was therefore able to create dialogue about all the things children face while growing up. She gave Children self-confidence and imparted insights to adults about the children’s world. At Filmbyn Småland it is our ambition to pass on this tradition.

Mariannelund – Where the fairytale became a movie

“So you’re calling from Mariannelund, are you? Then you’re not far from the doctor … the one in Mariannelund!” The voice on the other end of the telephone breaks into a chuckle. No, you hardly ever need to give any explanations about Mariannelund. It’s already well-known, an idyll of which most people have a clear picture – even the ones who’ve never been here. Astrid Lindgren has made sure of that. But for those of us who live here, Mariannelund is synonymous with words like home, community, interaction, involvement, optimism for the future and pride over our countryside, which one of the world’s foremost and most translated authors has woven into her stories. It’s a countryside that after some busy years of filming during the 1970s has also become a part of the children’s film world.

Filmbyn Småland 2017

Right in the middle of delightful Småland, tucked in among forests and lakes in Astrid Lindgren’s so lovingly depicted childhood environment, in 2017 we are opening a brand new tourist attraction in Sweden, for all those interested in film – children and adults.

Filmbyn Småland contains three parts: the descriptive part, the educational part and the experiential part. In the descriptive part of the exhibition, you find out how world-famous films were created, based on Astrid Lindgren’s unforgettable stories about for example Pippi Longstocking, Ronia the Robber’s Daughter and Seacrow Island. In the educational part, you can try your own hand at movie-making – filming, sound-tracking and editing. In the experiential part, you visit a number of selected filming locations in the region and get to see with your own eyes how the cultural environments have been recreated in films about Emil i Lönneberga and the Bullerby Children.

The exhibition will contain both static and interactive elements. With the help of varying technologies such as green screen and augmented reality, you step into the world of creativity. At the different filming locations, by simply using a QR-code and your own smartphone you can experience how the filming was done and what kind of environments were used in the various films.

We welcome you to this interactive, educational and in many ways magical place – Filmbyn Småland in Mariannelund.

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