The Kingdom of Crystal – a hot design experience

The Kingdom of Crystal is the magical, beautiful and unusual area in the forests between Växjö and Kalmar. More than a million people come here every year, so it’s not something to be missed. Glass has been made here since 1742 and at most there were 45 glassworks. Today, there are still many glassworks and glassworks studios set in the Småland nature.

As a visitor to the Kingdom of Crystal, there is lots to see: utility glass and art glassware of world class, and the chance to go all the way up to the heat of the furnaces to watch the glass being created. Together with the glass-blowers, the designers constantly challenge what is possible with glass, and many glass techniques have been discovered through experimentation in Småland’s glassworks. There is now an interesting mix of big glassworks such as Kosta and many small glassworks studios that take inspiration from each other. Here you can find unique pieces in a nice setting.

Watching the glowing melted glass being shaped is exciting, and you can complete the experience by trying it. Some of the glassworks will allow you to try it for yourself.

Shop for design in the Kingdom of Crystal

All the glassworks have their own shops, where you can always shop at favourable prices – among the seconds, art glassware and first-rate utility glass. The area also has brand outlet shops, second-hand markets, small designer boutiques and artists. Look out for signs along the road. For even better value, buy a Kingdom of Crystal Pass.