Visit Gränna and taste the red and white candy

Stroll along the lanes, by castle ruins and picturesque houses, see how rock candy gets its stripes and clip-clop through the biggest and most powerful countship of the 17th century.

Gränna and Visingsö are two attractive destinations about 40 km north of Jönköping. The places are known for, among other things, their castle ruins, cobbled streets and old wooden houses, rock candy making, farm shops and the history of the Gränna boy Andrée’s polar expedition. Gränna and Visingsö also go by the name of ‘the Countship’, as Visingsborg Castle on Visingsö, owned by the Brahe family, was the hub of Sweden’s biggest countship in the 17th century. The castle ruins Brahehus and Näs, and Västanå Castle are other exciting sights.

The capital of rock candy is called Gränna

The home of rock candy is Gränna, where it is made in many sizes, flavours and colours. The original is red and white and tastes of peppermint. The originator of the rock candy, Amalia Eriksson, flavoured it with peppermint to cure her daughter’s cold and discovered that it tasted really good.

Experience the countship your way

Gränna and Visingsö offer magnificent nature experiences. Röttleån valley south of Gränna and Girabäcken brook north of Gränna have unique flora and fauna with several rare and endangered species. For hikers, there are several short and long footpaths in the area, and if you like canoeing, the lake system of Bunn and Ören is an eldorado.
The ferry to Visingsö operates regularly from Gränna harbour. The best way to get around the island is by cycle or on a tour with the ‘remmalag’, the island’s traditional horse and cart. If you would like to spend the night on Visingsö, there are charming hotels, youth hostels and holiday villages to choose from. There are also private cottages for hire in Gränna and on Visingsö, and Gränna has a popular campsite with a central location in the harbour area, as well as pitches for motorhomes.

Entertainment and festivities

In the summer, there are lots of events in the area with sing-along entertainment in the harbour, music festivities, rock candy world championships, balloon flights and more. Contact the tourist offices in Gränna or on Visingsö with any questions.

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