IKEA museum

For 70 years, people have welcomed IKEA into their homes. Now it’s our turn to welcome you to ours, in Älmhult, Sweden. The IKEA Museum is the story of IKEA. Here, we share everything that makes IKEA what it is today, and what it may be tomorrow: the ideas and the driving forces, the people and the furniture, the mistakes and the lessons learned.


The IKEA museum adresses everyone curious about IKEA. Visitors can follow their development decade for decade - by means of interior designs, furnitures, products and events. 

Experience IKEA and their work with design and product development, suppliers, and logistics, sustainability and environment as well as communication and marketing. Also here the story of IKEAs founder Ingvar Kamprad, how he and his co-workers set up their business that startet in the province of Småland, Sweden. 



The world’s most modern IKEA store

The new IKEA in Älmhult is located by Road 23 and is 35,000 square metres. It has a full range with approx 9,500 items and 52 styled rooms. The world’s biggest IKEA range is found here, as well as a ‘glasshouse’ of 1700 square metres full of plants and seasonal products. It is easy to spend a day here – it’s always fun to have a look... and the new restaurant is very inviting.

Good communications

Älmhult is located along the southern main line, and the free shuttle bus ‘Snålskjutsen’ runs from the station out to the new IKEA. The free bus service also passes near the old area with the museum every hour. To get to the store and the new trade centre by car, take Road 23, which will take you directly there.

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