Isaberg Mountain Resort

Isaberg is not just a primary rock hill 309 metres above sea level; it is also the location of the Isaberg leisure centre. The closeness to forests and lake and the wide range of activities, the holiday village and alpine ski resort make Isaberg a popular destination for all ages.

Isaberg offers everything for an active holiday, with most activities round the corner. Hike on the reserve’s many footpaths, paddle a canoe or kayak on Lake Algutstorpasjön, play golf, fish, cycle or find some other form of exercise and excitement. There is a fun children’s playground and, in the summer, Isaberg’s own guides take the children on treasure hunts. New this season will be a high-ropes course that will open in May. Alternate with some relaxation by the fire in your cottage or on the terrace.

Isaberg Moose Park

Visit Isaberg’s own moose park and meet Sweden’s biggest wild animal. The moose park is built around the animals’ needs so they can live on their terms and not become too tame. The enclosure is large enough for the moose to find their own food and drink fresh water in the streams that run through the grounds. The enclosure also has a pond where the moose can take refreshing swims. A nature trail with information on Sweden’s wild animals leads to the moose enclosure.

Holiday village and lodge house

Isaberg has a range of accommodation options: big and small cottages, campsite pitches and exclusive houses for 12 persons. The cottages can also be hired as hotels if required. There is a restaurant called Höganloft in the grounds with tasty menus with local character. Toppstugan is located at the top of Isaberg and is open in the winter.

Southern Sweden’s biggest ski resort

In the winter, Isaberg is a popular destination with its ten pistes, eight lifts and ultramodern snow canon systems. A six-person express lift speeds up the transport to the top, and there are rarely queues. The descents vary in length and difficulty. The drop is 150 metres and there are six kilometres of prepared pistes.