Västervik – summer sun and festivals

Västervik offers sun and entertainment throughout the summer. Every summer a flurry of festivals and concerts are organised in the historic fishing and commercial city of Västervik to entertain you on your vacation. The highlight of course, is when the castle ruins, on its small islet, is transformed for the week into an atmospheric concert venue where Sweden’s best singers and performers take to the stage. Västervik also invites you to take peaceful walks through historic environments or a trip by tour boat among the islets and reefs in the archipelago. For the more land-bound, a tour on a vintage train along the narrow-gauge railway is an historic experience you’ll never forget.

Västervik and the sea have a permanent connection. Throughout the centuries, the city has been shaped by its location along the east coast of Småland. Timber and other goods are still shipped from here out into the world and fishermen still land their catches here. The city is well protected in its bay surrounded by peninsulas and islands. The largest peninsula, Norrlandet, is connected to the mainland via a bridge in Västervik. Take a walk over the bridge to Slottsholmen (Castle Island) and stroll into Stegeholm’s castle ruins (which date back to the 14th century). Sit down on the lawn between the stone walls and strain your ears to listen to the sounds of yesteryear. Or why not come in July when the song festival is in full swing. Continue your walk down to the marina and chat to a yachtsman, perhaps there is room for an extra helping hand on board.

Song festival in the ruins and concert at Gränsö Castle

In Västervik, we know how to have fun. From Västervik Carnival in early summer, to the Song Festival (Visfestivalen) closely followed by the Archipelago Festival with its stalls, wooden boat races and the traditional Hasselörodden (you row from Hasselö in flat-bottomed rowing boats which have been repaired to their original condition) there is always something that attracts. Please remember to bring a fancy hat if you plan to swim the canal! At Norrlandet and the adjoining Gränsö there is a golf course and fantastic cliffs where you can sunbathe and swim, which are really rather difficult to find, but if you venture out along the northern coast you will soon find your very own bathing area. Gränsö Slott arranges concerts, and if you are a biker, you simply cannot miss HojRock (Bike Rock).

Västervik’s archipelago, islands and sun
Hotels, guest harbours and campsite and cabins

If you are coming to Västervik in your own boat, you can choose between several guest harbours near the town centre. If you are coming to Västervik with your own caravan or tent, Lysingsbadet, Västervik Resort is a must destination. At Lysingsbadet, you will certainly be able to relax – why not take a refreshing dip in the sea or in the pool. It is also possible to rent accommodation in cabins. In Central Västervik there are several hotels to choose from and on Gränsö, you can even stay at a castle.

Water, waves and sun are specialities along the Småland coast. The boundary between land and sea is rather blurred because of all the islands scattered throughout the archipelago. The islands of the east coast have sun-drenched cliffs, thickly foliaged groves, gnarled pines and deep forests. Here and there, you’ll meet a grazing cow or a sheep in the fields sent out to keep the lush meadows alive. A few islands are inhabited by humans and here and there you will be able to enjoy a meal at a restaurant with the glistening sea as your backdrop. From Västervik, several tour boats run daily out into the archipelago and an ice cream enjoyed with your toes buried deeply in the sand at Hasselösand is an absolute must experience. Maybe a white-tailed eagle will soar past to complete the experience.