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Misterhult och Ingatorp - There are many more exciting places in Småland that are more than a name of an IKEA product for our homes.

IKEA was born in Älmult, Småland, where Ingvar Kamprad opened his first store in 1958, and from the office the names of all the products were decided. Many of the products still have names with Småland origins to this day. Now we want to show that they too have more to offer than the name of an IKEA product.

Ingatorp is more than a table

Ingatorp is a village between the historic town of Eksjö and the small town of Mariannelund - and is known for its exceptionally beautiful church tower, 50 years ago, scenes from when the Emil of Lönneberga films were shot here. Today the exhibition and experience center of the Filmbyn Småland is located in the neighboring village of Mariannelund. It preserves Astrid Lindgren's stories and shows her incredible film life.

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Misterhult is more than an IKEA lamp in bamboo

The northern archipelago of Misterhult nature reserve offers the best of untamed archipelago landscape. The area is ideal for enjoying outdoor leisure activities. In the town of Misterhult you can visit Misterhult open-air museum, made up of 17 different buildings and featuring over 2,000 objects that reflect local life and history. And just a stone’s throw away is Misterhult church, in the heart of the town along the old main road.

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Agundaborg camp & paddle
Agundaborg camp & paddle. © Alexander Hall

Agunnaryd is more than an IKEA pendant lamp

Ingvar Kamprad, Elmtaryd, Agunnaryd – name and postal address – make up the name IKEA. To this day, Agunnaryd is a typical Småland village, close to forests and lakes. In the church village, there is a village shop with a café, which becomes a natural meeting place. The adventure centre Agundaborg is popular. Here, you can hire kayaks, canoes and more, and paddle all the way down to Älmhult where it all started.

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Målerås Glassworks
Målerås Glassworks. © glasriket

Målerås is more than an IKEA picture ledge

It is a glassworks in Småland’s forests where glass has been made since 1890. It is now run by the fourth generation and the craft is the same – glowing melted glass is formed into shimmering objects. The Kingdom of Crystal has a further 12 glassworks and studios where the tradition lives on and new designs and designers are born. The oldest and biggest is Kosta Glassworks from 1742. You can watch the production and exhibitions and shop in outlets in most places.

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Lommaryd is more than an IKEA mirror

Lommaryd is a hilly woodland between three watercourses. It is an exciting area with relics from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age, but there is also a modern monument, a spectacular pyramid that the Swedish entrepreneur Malte Liewen Stierngranat had built at the start of the twentieth century. The story behind the pyramid is well worth exploring!

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Trädgårdscaféet, Linnés Råshult
Trädgårdscaféet, Linnés Råshult. © Alexander Hall

Råshult is more than an IKEA trolley

Råshult invites you to an amazing journey through time, back to the 18th century landscape and gardens. The childhood home of botanist Carl Linnaeus is now a tranquil cultural reserve with a café and shop. Experience the 18th-century landscape for yourself or join a guided walk, led by the great man, Carl Linnaeus, himself.

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Mörbylånga is more than an IKEA oak table

The market town of Mörbylånga was founded in 1820 and has many beautiful streets with a late-19th and early-20th century character. The buildings between the sea and the square consist of wooden houses characteristic of the time, with idyllic gardens. In the square, there is a well that is characteristic of the time along with restaurants and cafés.

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Alseda is more than an IKEA stool made of banana fibre

Alseda is a small church village that is beautifully situated in Emådalen. Alseda was visited by, amongst others, Carl Linnaeus, but whether it was the exciting Kleva copper mine that attracted him to come here, we don’t know. Today, you can visit the mine on your own or with a guide. This is one of Sweden’s most beautiful museum mines.

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Växjö with the cathedral
Växjö with the cathedral. © Alexander Hall

Växjö is more than an IKEA pendant lamp

Växjö is a vibrant city in the heart of Småland. The peculiar name means "where the roads meet at the lake" . The city has been a market place for a long time and the cathedral origins from the 1100-hundreds. Don't miss the House of Emigrant's, the Swedish Glassmuseum or the restaurant and hotel PM & Vänner that holds a star in Guide Michelin. It is also known as the "Småland food town".

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Nissafors is more than an IKEA trolley

Nissafors is beautifully situated by River Nissan, next to Hestra and the primary rock hill Isaberg, the nature reserve that has become a true adventure mountain. As well as being the biggest ski resort in southern Sweden, Isaberg Mountain Resort offers lots of different outdoor activities – all year round! Cottage accommodation here or in a manor house in Hestra is a wonderful experience.

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Djupvik is more than an IKEA pillow

The narrow road between Djupvik and Äleklinta winds its way to the corner of the coastal precipice with the limestone plain Alvaret on one side and the coast on the other. Just north of Äleklinta is the well-preserved fishing village of Bruddesta. Nearby there is also Djupvik, an old fishing village surrounded by pebble beaches. Today it is a popular destination with nice swimming places, parking areas and a summer restaurant.

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Evedal, lake Helgssjön
Evedal, lake Helgssjön. © Alexander Hall

Evedal is more than an IKEA floor lamp

There is a swimming place and campsite by Lake Helgasjön outside Växjö, as well as a marina, inn, café, youth hostel, restaurant and large campsite. Cottages are also available for hire. Evedal is a popular recreation area with Växjö’s inhabitants, and it is the biggest local swimming place, with a nice sandy beach. There are lots of fun activities such as adventure golf.

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A world of dinosaurs
A world of dinosaurs. © Albin Rylander

Tingby is more than an IKEA side table on castors

A World of Dinosaurs
Tingby Gård just outside Kalmar has Europe’s biggest dinosaur exhibition. Here you can take a closer look at everything from fossil finds to lifelike, life-size dinosaurs. There are a total of 200 dinosaurs and skeletons. Many of the dinosaurs are animatronic, which means that they move, breathe and roar in a very natural way.

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Edsbruk is more than an IKEA frame

The municipality’s northernmost industrial community carries just like the others a rich history that still reflects in society and architecture. Here you will also find plenty of natural beauty such as Storsjön and stunning Västra Eds church.

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Vickleby is more than an IKEA floor lamp

The village of Vickleby is located just below the edge of the coastal precipice, and the idyllic street runs through the village with beautiful 19th century houses. Capellagården, founded by Carl Malmsten, the famous furniture designer, and the restaurant Bo Pensionat are also located in the village. Up by the main road there is a nice row of mills.

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Biking in Liatorp
Biking in Liatorp. © Alexander Hall

Liatorp is more than an IKEA country style series

Liatorp is a small community north of Älmhult. The surroundings have probably inspired the name of the rustic furniture as it is located amongst lakes and watercourses, cycleways and nature reserves. The canoe route River Helge passes close by and there are nearby places to step ashore. But we recommend one of the many cycleways that run through the area – Enerydaleden trail passes by Liatorp. You can take the train to the small station to which the railway arrived as far back as 1862.

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