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The Edible Country

Enjoy outstanding outdoor dining experiences in Småland

Here, local and organic food is cherished and Småland’s nature is often used to inspire local menus. Taste the flavours outdoors or at a local restaurants.

What is the Edible Country?

In 2019, Visit Sweden showcased the incredible nature in Sweden and Småland through the lens of it being the ‘Edible Country’. Foraging has long been a part of Swedish culture, thanks to how clean our nature is. Finding edible food in the wilderness is part of our everyday life, and we enjoy cooking outdoors too. That’s why you’ll find rustic tables in scenic locations around Sweden.
There are many places where you can book an outdoor dining experience (and all the cooking facilities you’ll need). You will forage for your own food and cook it yourself in the wilderness.

DIY or book a chef

DIY. You’ll get recipe ideas and advice about which raw ingredients you’ll need to get before you head out into forests and fields. You can also book a guide for these experiences. They’ll teach you about the food available for foraging and can help you cook the food over an open fire. Having an experienced and knowledgeable chef on hand to help guarantees your food will be divine.

Hire a chef so you can cook your food over an open fire  ©Alexander Hall
Hire a chef so you can cook your food over an open fire ©Alexander Hall

Hire a chef so you can cook your food over an open fire

The Edible Country tables in Småland

There are three places known for their outstanding dining experiences in nature. You’ll find one deep in the forest surrounded by moss near the Asa Herrgård manor. Wallby Säteri is located on the banks of Skirö lake. While the newest addition, Kastebergs gård, is set on a farm with historic stone walls, old apple trees and grazing cows. At each of these places, you cook your meal on-site after finding seasonal ingredients in the nearby nature. Mushrooms, berries, herbs and fish are some of the delicacies you’ll find – with any other ingredients coming from the chef’s kitchen. Book a guide, a chef, a canoe or even a horse to take you to your rustic table. Once you’re there, you can bring chefs, servers, and even sommeliers to your table in the woods for a completely unique culinary experience.

Enjoy the meal at Wallby Säteri
Enjoy the meal at Wallby Säteri. © Anna Hållams

The Table at Wallby Säteri

Surrounded by meadows and deciduous trees, you’re treated to stunning views from your seat at Wallby Säteri. Skirö Lake is on one side and the vibrant manor house on the other, embedded in the greenery. You’ll forage for the ingredients for your meal in the nearby fields, with anything extra coming from the manor kitchen. You can book a guide and chef to help you catch and cook perch from the lake. It couldn’t be fresher. In September and October, you can also enjoy traditional crayfish while they’re in season. Wallby Säteri offers an unforgettable dining experience and high-quality accommodation.

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All set - dinner at the table in Asa
All set - dinner at the table in Asa. © August Dellert

The Table at Asa Herrgård

The table where you’ll enjoy your meal at Asa Herrård is in a scenic glade reminisce of fairy tales. The floor is coral-green moss, while the pine trees form your ceiling – with each nearby stone harbouring more edible treats. To reach this fabled table, you’ll need to travel a few km from Asa Herrård through a tranquil forest along a mossy path – where the whispering trees are the loudest sounds you’ll hear. On the way, you’ll forage for seasonal herbs, nuts and mushrooms. Once you arrive, it’s time to make your feast. If you’ve booked a guide and chef, you’ll get help preparing a three-course meal over an open fire. Local crayfish are offered when they’re in season. Asa Herrgård offers high-quality accommodation and dining experiences

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Kastebergs gård edible country
Dinner in a flowery meadow. © Alexander Hall

The Table at Kastebergs Gård

Dining at Kasteberg Farm means dining in meadows set against the backdrop of a historic village. It’s known for its typical Swedish stone walls, overgrown apple trees and its olden-style stone cellar and grounds. The farm has been in the family for generations so visitors can count on learning about the fascinating history of the farm and life on the land. Cattle and canola are both farmed on the grounds today. The menu is curated by the inn in nearby Ljungby. They’ll also provide a chef, if you book one. Recipes are inspired by the farming community, the changing seasons and traditional home cooking. Accommodation, including the inn, can be found in Ljungby, just 7km from Kasteberg Farm.

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© Stufvenäs Country Hotel

The Table at Stufvenäs Country Hotel

Stufvenäs Country Hotel welcomes you to take a seat at a very special table, under the oak trees and right next to the glittering Kalmar Strait. A short distance from Stufvenäs country hotel you will find this table, set on a scenic and historic land. Here, right by the sea, underneath one of the most beautiful oak trees, among windswept juniper bushes and blooming sloe bushes, and with only the sky above you, you will sit down and enjoy the flavours of the county of Småland. Accompanied only by the sea breeze, the seabirds’ song and the whisper of the reed.

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Jacob Holmström, chef in the original campaign.
Jacob Holmström, chef in the original campaign.. © August Dellert

Visit Sweden - The Edible Country

To create an accessible alternative to unhealthy foods and an inactive lifestyle we transformed together with restaurants the whole country into a do-it-yourself gourmet restaurant. Because in Sweden, delicious healthy food is just around the corner – in our nature. Reservation is closed for now but the Edible Country tables will be open for bookings again in spring 2020.

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