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Here, local and organic food is cherished and Småland’s nature is often used to inspire local menus. Taste the flavours outdoors or at a local restaurants.

The Edible Country tables in Småland

You’ll find one deep in the forest, standing on the soft moss, right by Asa Herrgård (manor), and the other by Wallby Säteri on the edge of Skirö lake. Far from stress and everyday life, the tables are situated in the midst of nature either surrounded by conifers with the sky its ceiling at Asa Herrgård, or by beautiful meadows and billowing pastures right by the lake at Wallby Säteri. You cook your meal on site and the seasonal ingredients are found right there in the forest, on the meadows, and in the lake. Mushrooms, berries, herbs, and fish are some of the delicacies you’ll find, sometimes with a little help from the manors kitchen. Book a guide, a chef, a canoe, or maybe a horse to take you to the clearing where the table awaits. In fact, book an entire restaurant to come to the table – just for you. Reserve your seat right now!

Asa Herrgård and the Table

A couple of kilometers from Asa Herrgård (Manor) you’ll find this table standing on the soft moss. This is where your forest adventure begins. You recieve a cooking kit containing everything you need to cook your food outdoors. Asa is located far from the highways and is one of the quitest places in the area.

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dukat bord i naturen
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Wallby Säteri and the Table

The table at Wallby säteri is located in the very center of Småland. Situated on the edge of beautiful Skirö lake, a little over an hour’s drive from any of the region’s three main cities: Jönköping, Kalmar, and Växjö. Book a table and recieve a cooking kit containing everything you need to prepare your meal in the very beautiful surroundings of Wallby Säteri.

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Visit Sweden - The Edible Country

To create an accessible alternative to unhealthy foods and an inactive lifestyle, we turned to four of Sweden’s Michelin-starred chefs. Together, we transformed the whole country into a do-it-yourself gourmet restaurant. Because in Sweden, delicious healthy food is just around the corner – in our nature. Welcome to Sweden, now open for reservations.

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The table in Asa is available Tuesdays and Thursdays May - September

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