The edible country

hidden gems

Imagine finding that very special place where you least expect it. It's almost as if you’ve discovered something not yet discovered by anyone else. Here are some tips of hidden gems guaranteed to offer flavors and memories to bring back home.

Hjärtenholm Garden Cafè

Garden weed sandwiches, crispy waffles, and raw cookies. This nostalgic café has a wide variety of treats to choose from. The atmosphere is inviting, the coffee is organic, and the vegetables are grown on site. A charming house, friendly staff, and a fascinating location in the heart of Hjärtenholm Agricultural Museum just outside Alvesta. (Link to Facebook in Swedish).

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Växjö city dwellers flock to this café on the shore of Lake Helgasjön every summer. Giant, crispy waffles are a specialty, but you can also find lighter fare and a wide variety of baked goods. The café is housed in a red turf roof cottage with a large outdoor terrace, offering views of the Kronoberg Castle Ruins and the steamer Ångaren Thor.

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Gräddhyllan Country Café

The café is housed in a farm from the 1870s in a scenic setting by Lagan River, overlooking the Tånneryd Pond. In the midst of this cultural landscape, you can enjoy home-baked goods made with natural ingredients – butter, cream, and love – in perfect tranquility. They also offer light meals and sandwiches.

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