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MickeJohans Konstglas Örsjö

Nine glass artists make designs on three graal subjects each. From Sweden; Astrid Gate, Olle Brosen, Peter Hermansson, Christer Ericsson, Svante Dekker, Simon Kaschmir Holm, Elna Jolum, Morgan Persson, Micke Johansson and from the Czech Republic Jara Sara.
In the work shop; Julia and Robin Rogers USA, Grant Garmezy USA, Antoine Pierini France, Louis Thompson England, Ned Cantrell Denmark, Brent Cheehan USA, Eric Meek and Jeff Mack Corning Museum of Glass USA, Ben Tullman USA.
Flame Work; Ekaglass, Canada and Eusheen, USA
Engravers; Christer Ericsson, Sweden and Jara Sara, Czech Republic
Monday May 11-Tuesday May 19, 10am-5pm
(Closed on Monday May 18 and Tuesday May 19, between 12pm-3pm)
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About MickeJohans Konstglas

The neon and plasma studio at The Glass factory

Plasma and neon artists are welcome to work in the atelier, and others are welcome to watch and try (pending space). Led by 9-month resident artist/designer and Fulbright Scholar Ben Orozco (USA).
Tuesday May 19

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