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Do you want the comfort of staying in your own cottage, while experiencing new, exciting surroundings? Would you like to have neighbours to talk to, while the children run around and play? Then a holiday village is the solution. Often there are more conveniences at the facility - a restaurant, a pool, or a playground...


Inspired by the early 1900s Vimmerby, Den lilla staden ('The tiny town') is built as if it were taken from one of Astrid Lindgren's stories. ...


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Kosta Lodge

A newly built holiday village in the middle of the Kingdom of Crystal. Thirteen twin cottages with generous porches are located at a small lake. ...


Resort Yxenhaga
Resort Yxenhaga

Resort Yxenhaga

Resort Yxenhaga is Småland's largest holiday village with 78 cottages. ...


Isaberg Mountain Resort

The cosy holiday village has cabins of 36 to 157 square meters. You can also choose the level of comfort that suits you and your budget ...


Lilla Sverigebyn

A sustainable holiday village outside Vimmerby. Lilla Sverigebyn consists of three small, traditional farms with the typical red houses and white trims. ...


Vimmerby Stugby

Vimmerby Holiday Village is beautifully located 20 kilometers from Astrid Lindgren's World and Vimmerby city. ...


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