Below the surface

Småland is so much more than red cottages and green forests. In the deep blue, below the surface, an incredible treasure is hidden. Småland has an amazing underwater-nature, history of shipwrecks, and is great for any water experience. It would be a shame to miss the things that literally lie in the depths.

A different kind of treasure can be found if you go on “Roger’s calm adventure” in waters outside Habo. Dressed in a snorkel and wetsuit, follow the stream and discover deep cavities, mussels, and other things that might lurk under the surface. Before setting off, your guide Roger will go through safety instructions. The activity is booked through Sjöhaga Pensionat.

On June 1, 1676, a major battle was fought outside the coast of Öland between the Swedish and the united Danish-Dutch fleet. The Royal Ship Kronan made a faulty manoeuvre, capsized and sank. For three hundred years she lay forgotten on the bottom of the sea before being rediscovered by marine archaeologists and salvaged. Now you can meet Kronan and her crew at Kalmar County Museum. Read more about the exhibition and watch a short clip about Kronan.

In the summer of 2011 the diving team Ocean Discovery encountered a large wreck east of Öland at a depth of 75 metres. The wreck was eventually identified as the Mars. Västervik Museum’s unique exhibition of the wreckage of the Swedish warship Mars is one of most stunning marine archaeological finds of our time. An exhibition that goes by the name Mars Makalös [the Magnificent Mars].


Småland has museums for everyone. We list some of our favourites and let you choose.

Splash, swim, dive

In Småland, there is everything from beautiful sandy beaches and smooth flat rocks, to tiny inland lakes.

Kalmar Castle

Your steps echo between the old walls as you walk through the vault, into Kalmar Castle’s courtyard.

Fairy tales for children

Enjoy the fantastic children’s stories that have been part of the childhoods of young and old. Meet the characters and walk the same paths as they did.