Go with a Steam boat

“Historical steamboats are a unique and pleasant way to discover more of Småland in the summer and perfect for the whole family. Book a ticket and find some of Smålands hidden lake-side gems.”

With a steamer through lake Sommen

The old steamer S/S Boxholm II is one of Sweden’s last steampowered ships still in operation, with both boiler and machine in original condition. Since 1904 she traffics Lake Sommen. Boxholm II began her maritime career as a log puller, but has been used as a passenger ship since the 1960’s. She was K-marked in 2014 and was classified culturally and historically very valuable.

Join the boat for themed tours and cruises, and enjoy the beautiful landscape of Småland! Trips for Mother’s day, storytelling cruises, square tours to Tranås and other nice features are on the program. The boat runs according to the schedule from the first week of July, to the last weekend in August, and it is possible to charter the steamer for private arrangements.It is registered for 70 passengers and 3 crew members.

Read more about Boxholm II and find the schedule at Boxholm II.

Steamboat Thor – a waterborne cultural heritage

The steamboat Thor, Småland’s second steam ship, is Sweden’s oldest wood-fired steamboat. The boat is operated on lake Helgasjön outside Växjö, with Kronoberg Castle Ruin as its home port. Here you have the chance to experience Småland and a true cultural heritage from the lakeside.

The steamer Thor was built in 1887 at Bergsund’s Mekaniska Verkstad in Stockholm. Today, Thor is found in Växjö where it during summers travels lake Helgasjön up to Sweden’s southernmost lock, the lock in Åby. The lock was completed in the same year as the steamboat Thor and is still in use today. Going on a lock tour with Thor will become a memory for life. The boat is also a technical-historical must for those interested in steam power. It makes about 9 knots and can ship about 50 people. The machine is a single-cylinder steam engine and the fuel consists of wood and coal.

From May to August, different tours are offered. Most of the tours go to the lock in Åby, but you can also go on longer trips where dinner and overnigt accommodation are included. Historically, the steamer was used for cargo and passenger traffic on the lake. Steamboat Thor was donated to Småland’s Museum in the 1950’s and is now owned by Kulturparken Småland where you can buy tickets for the popular boat tours.

More on the Steamboat Thor and how to get tickets to one of its tours can be found here.

Boat tours

With 5000 lakes, numerous streams and a 270 km coastline, Småland offers many opportunities for trips on water.

Blå jungfrun

Blå Jungfrun is one of those wonderful freaks of nature, totally unlike any of the archipelago’s other islands. Are the legends about the island true?