A cottage in the middle of a lake on a small island
Experience a unique stay at Ramoa. © Daniel Nilsson


Unique Living

The Småland hospitality is something special. Here, we like to invite you to our castles, islands, and quaint personal hotels. Everything to make your stay worth remembering.

Trakt Forest Hotel
Trakt Forest Hotel. © Joakim Nådell

Trakt Forest Hotel

Soar among the trees with an open view of pristine forest ahead at Trakt Forest Hotel. A unique experience for those who want to get away from the big city and breathe in the tranquility in one of the forest suites.


Garpens fyr
Garpens fyr. © Jimmy Wik

Garpen Fyr

Garpen is an island in Kalmarsund situated about two kilometers from Bergkvara. Don't miss to visit this special place and stay the night in one of the characteristic lighthouse keeper huts. The unique and cultural environment will give you an extraordinary experience, beyond the ordinary.


Stay in a treehouse
Stay in a treehouse. © Kosta Lodge

Treehouse inside a Safari Park

Spend the night in a glass treehouse inside Kosta Safari Park! The houses are elevated on pillars four meters above the ground, providing the opportunity for high-altitude accommodation. It's harder to get closer to nature without compromising on comfort. Here, you have the opportunity to see the European bison, the majestic red deer, the king of the forest, the moose, the curious fallow deer, the mufflon sheep with their enormous horns, and the playful wild boars that roam freely in the large enclosed park.


Slottsholmen On Water
Slottsholmen On Water. © Västervik Framåt

Slottsholmen On Water

Stay the night with the sea right by the doorstep. Björn Ulvaeus' Slottsholmen On Water in Västervik offers exclusive suites on land, as well as 33 double rooms in their floating hotel. As a guest staying on the ground floor, you can even have your boat moored right next to the patio. Here you get to enjoy beautiful surroundings and food of highest class. Website in Swedish


Live like royalty
Live like royalty. © Slottsvillan

Slottsvillan Huskvarna

Dating back to the late 19th century and with inspiration from Scottish and English castles and mansions, Slottsvillan is unique. The house was designed for Husqvarna AB's former director by Jönköping's former city architect. The house is listed as a cultural heritage and offers a well-kept, exclusive and harmonious environment.


A cottage in the middle of a lake on a small island
Experience a unique stay at Ramoa. © Daniel Nilsson

Ramoa's Island

In the middle of a lake lies an island, no bigger than a few square meters, and to get there a 20-minute canoe ride is required. On the island, you will find Lusthuset (the bower), a wooden house where you can stay the night. With the canoe, you can explore the area around the island. Wake up in the middle of nature in a magnificent setting on Ramoa's island - Småland's diamond.


Spend the night in a castle
Spend the night in a castle. © Cathrine Rydström

Teleborg’s Castle

Next to lake Trummen just south of Växjö city center, you find Teleborg’s Castle. The castle was finished year 1900 and was built by Count Fredrik Bonde as a morning gift for his young wife Anna Koskull. Today you can stay in the main building - the castle, as well as the castle’s gate houses. Website in Swedish


Amalias house in Gränna
Amalias house in Gränna. © Amalias hus

Amalias Hus Gränna

Discover moving stories about the widow Amalia Eriksson and the houses that today make up Amalias Hus, with history dating back to the 1800th century. Charming rooms that have been decorated timely where one room looks nothing like the other will make your stay exciting and special. What was once a customs station 300 years ago, is today a boutique and conference hotel where picturesque surroundings meets luxury.


Do you dare?
Do you dare?. © Hotell Fängelset

Hotell Fängelset

Stay in an exciting environment in the old prison from 1871 in Västervik, with meter-thick walls. You sleep in renovated, former prison cells in the hotel that is situated within walking distance to the city center and ocean. On the ground floor there is an exhibition about prison history and the Swedish correctional treatment. Website in Swedish, but you can find contact details there.


Västanå castle
Västanå castle. © Västanå slott

Västanå Manor

The castle was built in 1590, and 400 years later it became Sweden's first castle hotel. Here you can enjoy culinary dishes and the well-preserved castle environments. With interiors untouched since the 1920s, you get to experience the old times - combined with today's conveniences.