Asa Youth Hostel
Asa Youth Hostel. © Cathrine Rydström


Youth Hostels

Staying in a youth hostel is affordable and cosy. Some are located in culture-historically interesting buildings and beautiful environments, close to water and nature. In other cases, they are urban and an alternative to hotels. Most common are rooms with down to two beds and shared WC/shower. Hostel accommodation also allows you to meet other travelers in the common kitchen and living room.

Småland's youth hostels are organised in different ways. Many are connected to STF - The Swedish Tourist Association, which has provided travelers with affordable accommodation for 130 years. STF also arrange activities such as hiking trips. Other hostels are connected to SViF, Sveriges Vandrarhem i Förening, where independent hostels are organised together. On both websites you can book online. There are also many completely independent youth hostels and lodging houses. Local tourist offices usually have the best information about them. Find a tourist office here.

Here are some tips for some of Småland's all youth hostels. We have nearly 100 of them, so ask your local tourist office for further tips and information.

Långasjö hostel in the Kingdom of Crystal

The hostel is housed in the old farm stables, a 60 meter long building, with a scenic location in the middle of the little village Långasjö. The hostel is open all year and has a little café. It is also one of the accommodations you stay at when hiking or biking The Emigrant Trail ('Utvandrarleden'). Find out more on

Orrefors hostel in the Kingdom of Crystal

Orrefors holiday village consists of 15 homely cabins, located in a forest area just outside the village, a few meters from a pond. In the middle of nature yet with access to all the facilities needed for a relaxing, comfortable holiday. Find out more on

Solviken Tranås

On a headland in lake Sommen you find Solvikens hostel. The scenic location offers tranquil surroundings with walking distance to adventurous activities. Choose between using the guest kitchen or being served simple meals. Find out more on

Eksjö Hostel

The hostel is located in the heart of Eksjö's Old Town in a cultural heritage building. Outside, Eksjöån flows and the surroundings consist of courtyards and cobbled streets. The hostel consists of two buildings from the 1600s and 1800s and lies within walking distance to shopping, a lake, fishing and museums. Find contact details on

Korrö Hostel

Korrö is originally a craft town with roots in the 1400s and is located just next to the rippling Ronnebyån. Today, Korrö is full of life through the STF Youth hostel, hotel, restaurant, café and small shop. The hostel is housed in a red painted wing, and you are able to rent both bikes as well as canoes. Find contact details on

Asa Hostel

Asa lies in the northern part of the lake Asasjön and is the starting point of the 120 kilometer long canoe trail Värendsleden. The hostel is housed in a former school with a view of Asasjön. It is a perfect starting point for hiking, biking and canoeing. Find out more on

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