Jönköping. © Destination Jönköping

Jönköping - Växjö - Kalmar

City life

Restaurants and bars, shopping and activities, culture and history – the three residential cities in Småland all have a lot to offer!

Jönköping – Along the southern shore of Vättern

Beautifully situated in southern Sweden on the shores of lake Vättern, Jönköping offers a vibrant city pulse, beach life and nature on the doorstep. The city centre of Jönköping consists of picturesque alleys and canals opening the city up to the three lakes. East of Jönköping, lies the old mill town of Huskvarna where weapons, appliances and vehicles have been manufactured and sold under the world famous brand Husqvarna since the 17th century. Its industrial heritage has left many cultural treasures to enjoy. Lake Vättern was also listed by CNN (2019) as one of Europe´s most beautiful places, top 20!


Växjö - Always with a special touch

Here in the heart of Småland it's very much a question of detail. That special Växjö feeling permeates through everything.Take a shoreline promenade in the middle of the city. Stay at the first gastrohotel in Scandinavia or Sweden’s youngest castle. Experience a rich and varied cultural offering that contributes to an exciting atmosphere
all year round. Or why not visit a famous one star awarded Guide Michelin restaurant with flavours inspired by forest, meadow and lake. From lively pulse in the city to 23 nature reserves - everything with 15 minutes reach. Welcome to the little “World City” Växjö!


Kalmar – the historic city by the sea

See you in Kalmar – the historical but yet vibrant summer city by the sea that offers everything from sun and swimming to history, architecture and a wide range of activities and events. Kalmar offers the opportunities of a large city but also the proximity and charm of a smaller place. Within walking and bicycling distance, you can enjoy beaches, parks, forests, meadows, cobblestone streets, shops, museums, restaurants, cafés and galleries. And an honest-to-goodness castle with pinnacles and towers. Today Kalmar is a modern city, but wherever you go, you feel the pulse of history. There are music and cultural events all year round.


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