Stensjö, © Mönsterås

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Historical sites

Our landscape is rich in well-preserved sites where time has stood still. Enjoy a journey back in time and immerse yourself in a lost age.

Eksjö, © Göran Assner

Eksjö - the unique wooden town

The wooden town of Eksjö is one of the best preserved of its kind in Sweden, and a unique cultural treasure. One of the reasons for this is that the townspeople were relatively successful in protecting it from the fires that destroyed many similar towns. Eksjö has been awarded a highly regarded Europa Nostra diploma for its “good work in caring for the built and cultural environment”. Town walks are available: you can join a guided walk or explore independently with an audioguide.

Kalmar, © Smålandsbilder


Many places in Kalmar are rich in history. In addition to a visit to the castle, you can walk along the cobbled streets and see the beautiful houses in Kvarnholmen or the city centre by the castle, which dates back to the Middle Ages. Castenska Gården is one of Sweden's oldest stores still in operation, and Västerport from 1658 reminds of the olden times.

Åsens By, © John Kimmich

Åsens By

This picturesque nature and cultural reserve bears witness to how Småland looked 100 years ago, with meadows, fences, buildings grouped around a courtyard, fields and gardens typical of the period. Why not explore the 17 buildings and signed footpaths in and around Åsens by? During the summer, there are animals at the reserve and a wide programme of activities for all ages. During the winter, you can celebrate Christmas the old-fashioned way in a cosy winter landscape.

Korrö Hantverksby

Handicrafts have a long history in this small village by the river Ronnebyån. The village had its heyday in the late 19th century, with shops, a tannery, dye works, sawmill and flour-mill. The old buildings are well preserved and now house a restaurant, café, youth hostel and hotel. Website in Swedish

Kronobergs Castle Ruins, © Pelle Wahlgren

Kronoberg Castle Ruin

The medieval ruins of Kronoberg Castle lie on an island in lake Helgasjön. The castle was originally a bishop’s castle, intended to protect the Swedish border from invading Danes. Today the castle and grounds are a popular excursion, and offer a café and various activities. The steamboat Thor is moored next to the castle.

Linnés Råshult, © Cathrine Rydström

Linnés Råshult

The childhood home of botanist Carl Linnaeus is now a cultural reserve with recreated 18th-century gardens. Råshult, north of Älmhult, is an inspiring outing where you can experience an 18th-century landscape for yourself or join a guided walk, led by the great man himself!

Stensjö, © Mönsterås

Stensjö By

Travel back in time on a visit to this delightful small Småland village near Oskarshamn. Bring a picnic and stroll among the carefully preserved settings, where parts of the film The Children of Noisy Village, based on a book by Astrid Lindgren, were filmed.

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