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Museums in Småland

Here are some tips on some of Småland's museums - everything from polar exhibitions and fairytales, to art glass and motorcycles.

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IKEA Museum

Älmhult – the central of IKEA – has been home to the IKEA Museum since 2016, located in the premises where the very first IKEA store opened its doors in 1958. Experience the large main exhibition "Our Roots" offering a lot of history and nostalgia, along with temporary exhibitions on design and life at home. The museum shop is another well-liked part of the museum, with unique products not available in any other store.


50's kitchen at Husqvarna Museum
50's kitchen at Husqvarna Museum. © Husqvarna Museum

Husqvarna Museum

The story of the Husqvarna company – based in the village of the same name but spelled Huskvarna – is a long one, going back an impressive 300 years. In premises that until the 1940s were home to the weapons workshop, visitors can explore exhibitions that bring the story of the company’s extensive production to life. It all started with weapons, which in the second half of the 19th century gradually came to be supplemented by civilian items. The list of products is a long one, and today the Husqvarna Group is the world’s largest manufacturer of outdoor power products such as chainsaws and lawn mowers.


Motorcross Museum in Vimmerby
Motorcross Museum in Vimmerby. © MX World Collection

MX World Collection

The man behind the impressive motocross exhibition in Vimmerby is Magnus Frodig: a private individual, racing driver and motocross enthusiast of grand proportions. When his private collection of world-championship motocross bikes became too large to keep at home, he decided to share it with the world. The MX World Collection comprises 230 bikes, all with a unique story to tell. The museum showcases both unique technical innovations and bikes ridden by legends of motocross and enduro. A truly fascinating experience and a museum out of the ordinary!


Kalmar Castle
Kalmar Castle. © Jörgen Tannerstedt

Kalmar Castle

Kalmar’s grand Renaissance castle has played an important part in Swedish history since it was built at the end of the 13th century, not least thanks to its strategic location. The area of use has changed, but the castle is still very much alive. Visitors can choose from a variety of exhibitions, both permanent ones that relate the history of the castle, and temporary ones with different themes. The castle also offers a wide range of activities and experiences for children, especially in the summer.


The Match Museum
The Match Museum. © Tändsticksmuseet

The Match Museum

The wooden building that once housed Jönköping’s first matchstick factory is now home to the world’s only matchstick museum. Here you can explore the history of the matchstick and meet both the people and the machines that built the matchstick industry. You can watch films, and see the former workers’ dwellings as well as thousands of matchboxes and labels.


The Museum of Legends in Ljungby
Sagomuséet in Ljungby. © The Museum of Legends in Ljungby

Sagomuseet - the Museum of Legends

An exciting museum for children and adults alike! Sagobygden – the Land of Legends – is an area of south-western Småland with a strong tradition of oral storytelling. The area was home to storytellers and important collectors of stories and legends, which meant that much of the Swedish oral tradition was written down here. The Museum of Legends in Ljungby is the heart of this unique district. Visitors can explore the museum on their own or in the company of a storyteller.


Grenna Museum
Grenna Museum. © Symbolbilder.se

Grenna Museum

At Grenna Museum, the story of Gränna sits side by side with Sweden’s largest collection of objects relating to polar exploration. The museum’s Polar Centre displays information on expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic, with particular attention being given of course to Gränna-born S. A. Andrée, who in 1897 undertook the first Swedish polar expedition. Although Andrée’s journey to the North Pole by hot-air balloon was ill-fated in many ways, it’s a fascinating story and one of enduring interest.


Vandalorum Designcenter in Värnamo
Vandalorum Designcenter in Värnamo. © Symbolbilder.se


The large red barns housing the Vandalorum art and design centre can be found at the southern approach to Värnamo. The centre hosts an ever-changing mix of regional, national and international contemporary art and design – always topical, always relevant. Italian architect Renzo Piano took some of his inspiration for the buildings from the big red drying barn that once stood on this very spot.


© Jönköpings Länsmuseum

Jönköping County Museum

This museum of art and cultural history offers exhibitions, an archive, depository, extensive picture archive and a painting conservation studio. The museum brings the county’s cultural heritage to life and appeals to all ages. The museum is best known for its exhibition on the painter and illustrator John Bauer, exploring the many well-loved legends that he illustrated.


Exhibition from Kronan
Exhibition from Kronan. © Kalmar läns museum

Kalmar County Museum

A visit to Kalmar County Museum is the perfect outing, with things to see and do for children, older people or the whole family. The museum is situated in Ångkvarnen, the old steam mill, in central Kalmar and offers a shop and café as well as the various exhibitions. The themed exhibitions include one on the Swedish warship Kronan, which capsized and sank in June 1676 during an encounter between the Swedish navy and the combined Danish-Dutch fleet. The loss of the Kronan is one of the biggest maritime disasters in Swedish history. Website in Swedish.


Kulturparken Småland

Kulturparken Småland comprises several museums and the Steamboat Thor. Smålands Museum, home to the Swedish Glass Museum, is Sweden’s oldest provincial museum and boasts extensive collections. In the museum park you also find The House of Emigrants, i.a. with the exhibition "The New Land - The Dream of America". The Kronoberg Agricultural Museum outside Alvesta is also part of Kulturparken and shows the development of agriculture over time.


© Jörgen Ludwigsson

The Swedish Glass Museum

Växjö is home to the Swedish Glass Museum, which in common with the House of Emigrants and a number of other museums forms part of Kulturparken Småland. For 80 years, the Swedish Glass Museum has been collecting both glassware and other archive material from glassworks around Sweden and from one of the leading museums in Europe. The approx. 35,000 objects in the collections come from more than 100 different glassworks, with the oldest dating back to the late 16th century. The Swedish Glass Museum offers permanent and temporary exhibitions with different and exiting perspectives on glass.


Glass art at The Glass Factory
Glass art at The Glass Factory. © The Glass Factory

The Glass Factory

The Glass Factory – an experience-based interactive museum – lies at the heart of the Kingdom of Crystal. The museum functions as a knowledge centre and a creative meeting place for artists, designers and visitors. The collection of art glassware comprises 30,000 objects from various glassworks. The pulsing heart of the museum is the glassworks itself, which both produces art glassware and pushes the boundaries by experimenting. Visitors can also find out what it’s like to work creatively in glass.