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Astrid Lindgren's Näs

Näs in Vimmerby was the place where Astrid Lindgren grew up with her siblings a hundred years ago. Many of the places in her stories have gathered details and inspiration from Näs. For example, there was a
carpentry workshop that became Emil's woodshed, and a tree that became Pippi's sugar lemonade tree.

Most people of our time have a warm relation to Astrid Lindgren. Her books constantly meet new readers and continue to embody our view of the man and the world, and they are read by all generations in all continents. Astrid Lindgren has become a role model for people all over the world, not just as a writer but as a social critic and debater. With sharp pencils, a confident voice, humour and love, she fought for the environment, children's rights, animal welfare, refugee rights and gender equality.

Visit the house

In the 1960s, Astrid Lindgren restored her childhood home to the state it was in when she grew up. Even the vast majority of furniture found its way home again. Today, you can visit the house at guided tours, with a sense of travelling trough time, to when Astrid Lindgren, her three siblings and parents lived here. You will come straight into the environments that inspired the stories about Madicken, Bullerbyn and Emil of Lönneberga. The guides tell you about what is was like growing up at Näs. The big farm offered a safe and free home.


When visiting Astrid Lindgrens Näs, the exhibition about Astrid Lindgren is one of the great achievements of the visit. You will get to know her and understand where most of her inspiration came from. You learn where she received the courage and strength that made her a very important opinion maker in Sweden. By looking at the long list of awards Astrid Lindgren has been awarded, it is obvious that she was an extraordinary woman. If you choose to use the audio guide for the visit, it will become a very interesting and educating experience. Audio guides are available for adults and children and are free of charge.


Since the summer of 2016, the newly built gardens are complete. The gardens are a place for culture, conversation, debate, play and humour. Each garden-room is built to let you experience one of these moods. There are also works of art to view, for example the American country art artist Patric Dougherty's "The Seven Wishes".

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