Design shops and outlets

In Småland we create based on the materials we have at hand. Solid craftsmanship is combined with good design. Traditions live on and enter new phases. Today, it is often possible for you to watch the production as well as buying your favourite pieces of design, directly at the manufacturer.

The Kingdom of Crystal

The Kingdom of Crystal is perfect for buying quality design. All glassworks have an outlet or small shop where you can buy from a wide sortiment at a good price. Each glasswork has its distinctive character and unique designers.

Liljeholmens stearinfabrik

Liljeholmens stearine factory in Oskarshamn has produced candles made 100% out of stearine since 1839. It is the world's largest factory in its kind and in also one of Sweden's oldest companies still in operation. You can buy Liljeholmen's candles at good prices in their factory shop. (Website in Swedish)


Guldtackan in Tranås breed Gotland sheep for leather and meat production. They have been awarded many prices for their silky-soft leather, which they turn into hats, gloves, jackets and more. (Website in Swedish)

IKEA Museum shop

IKEA Museum in Älmhult is the world's only IKEA museum, and here you will find out more about IKEA's roots and history as well as predictions of design in the future. In the museum shop you find items with "IKEA-feeling", that can't be found anywhere else. Sometimes they even have IKEA vintage.

Kallfeldts läder

Kallfeldts läder is located in Nissafors in the Gnosjö-area. Here, leather and skin products of many different kinds are produced. In the factory shop you immediately feel the scent of leather and you can go on a guided tour and buy leather products from the factory. (Website in Swedish)

Lessebo Handpappersbruk

Lessebo Handpappersbruk has been making fine handmade stationery for nearly 300 years, perfecting the craft since 1719 in an eco-friendly way. Here you can buy the same kind of paper that author Vilhelm Moberg wrote on, padded envelopes or water colour paper. In the summers they have guided tours, a waffle cafe and you can have a look in their shop.

Skeppshults gjuteri

In Skeppshult, goods have been casted since 1906. Today, they are the only remaining foundry in Scandinavia that cast household goods in iron. The factory shop sells all kinds of goods that are manufactured here. Imagine having a real, cast iron frying pan or flat bar.

Målerås läder

A genuine family business that has created leather bags since 1947. A wide range of briefcases, handbags, purses, belts and more. The famous bat chairs are also made here. Factory outlet. (Website in Swedish)


Award winning design - famous lamp designs such as Manhattan, Siluett and Cymbal. And not least Cumulus, which hangs in many fancy places, for example Harrods in London. The business is located in the village Herråkra, and the glass used for the lamps is blown, obviously, in the Kingdom of Crystal. Outlet in Herråkra.

Gabriel Keramik

In Timmernabben you find Gabriel Keramik (ceramics). Here tiled ovens and ornamental items are designed and manufactured in stoneware. Gabriel Keramik, that started in 1859, is one of Scandinavia's oldest ceramics manufacturers. Find stoneware bargains in the factory shop and see the tiled oven exhibition.

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