Modern Architecture

We always try to build with consideration to the environment and surroundings. It should be functional, but also beautiful, based on ideals of the time. Here we present some buildings with modern architecture found in Småland.

Kulturhuset Spira

Drama succeeds comedy and music. In the foyer you are met with Småland glass and wood, and Öland limestone. The façade consists of 6000 square meter glass. The unique cultural centre is decorated with furniture that "breathes" Småland and Swedish furniture design. The cultural centre radiates beauty and fantasy, and is a powerful experience for culture lovers. Spira was designed by architect Gert Wingårdh, whose architecture is characterised by highly technological solutions, and the building is Sweden's first environmental cultural centre. (Website in Swedish, but you can find contact details there.)

Slottsholmen Hotel

Commissioned by Björn Ulveaus of ABBA fame and designed by the renowned Sandellsandberg Architects, the remarkable Slottsholmen Hotel building gave Västervik an entirely new silhouette. The handmade tiles in their shades of pink mean the building seems to shimmer as the sun moves through the sky. The high, floating ceilings were inspired by the old ship-building halls. While the materials chosen – bricks, wood, stone, and iron - were all inspired by the history of the site. Finally, silver-grey wooden panels line the main floor of the hotel adding to the atmosphere of elegance.

Växjö - the expansive town

Växjö has a strategy for sustainable wood construction. The materials are found around the corner, and several architects are involved in the vision. Wood is well suited for modern houses - it is easy to work with and easy to transport. The day the house is torn, it becomes a natural cycle. Most famous is perhaps the buildings Limnologen by Arkitektbolaget, which are buildings with rental apartments. The second is Hus M by Mats White, and the building Uppfinnaren at Linnaeus University Campus. (Website in Swedish with translate button.)

Kalmar Art Museum

In the middle of Kalmar, one of Sweden's most talked.about art museums. The museum is contemporary with focus on the future of the human being and the region's challenges. The historical and geographical profile is aimed at north eastern Europe, the countries and cultures that the Kalmar region has had contact with in the course of the centuries, in war as well as in peace.


The person behind the art and design centre Vandalorum is the Italian architect Renzo Piano. He is often referred to as a master of light, claiming ideal conditions for our experiences, and has acquired inspiration from local building traditions in Småland in the creation of Vandalorum. For those who want to experience magnificent halls, a visit to Vandalorum is a must. Much of the furniture is designed by the Värnamo-born designer, artist and architect Bruno Mathsson, and the architect Sigurdur Gustafsson has decorated the design house.