Gunillaberg, © Patrik Svedberg


Parks and Gardens

To go for a stroll in a park of good style, or through a well-designed garden, is truly a pleasure for the soul. And often a source for inspiration. Here are some tips on beautiful parks and gardens.

Gunillaberg, © Patrik Svedberg


Space for animals, spectacular art and sculptural garden installations. Gunillaberg is open to visitors throughout the summer. Here you can enjoy the Danish ‘Flower King’ Tage Andersen’s exhibitions, art, culture, nature and magic in the garden as well as indoors in the beautiful main building. The 400 sq. m orangery contains exhibitions and concert experiences as well as winter storage for trees and plants.

The gardens at Astrid Lindgren's Näs

The gardens at Astrid Lindgren's Näs

The gardens are like a fairy tale without ending. It is a place that offers knowledge combined with play, culture, beauty and wonder. The green environments have grown out of themes that were important to Astrid Lindgren throughout her authorship. Themes, such as freedom, courage, melancholy and happiness.

Hueby Bruk, © Pelle Wahlgren

Huseby Bruk

The park at Huseby Bruk is like an embroidery - and that is not an exaggeration. Designs from the late 1800s have been found, and the flower beds and kitchen garden have been restored accordingly. The peacocks' screams and hens cackling also belong to the experience. Visit the park, the castle, and other interesting buildings such as the furnace, mill and a museum. Website in Swedish, but you can find contact details there.

Linnéparken in Växjö

Linnéparken, or the Linnaeus Park, is part of Växjö city park with beautiful flower beds, bushes and perennials, centrally located by the cathedral. In the park is also Karolinerhuset from 1715, which was a school up until 1850. One of the school's pupils was Carl Linnaeus, whom the park was named for. Website in Swedish with a translate button.

Kalmar city park, © Smålandsbilder

Kalmar City Park

The city park is commonly called "Kalmar's green parlour" and is located next to the castle. The park was laid out between 1877-1880 and has the character of a romantic English park, where nature has been the inspiration in the design. There are bright and shadowy places, typical of the English park style.

Rosenlunds Rosarium

Rosenlunds Rosarium

The rosarium, with some 500 species of roses, enjoys a scenic location in an old cultural environment near the shore of Lake Vättern. Among the roses and beautiful flowers there are also exotic trees and plantations with perennials. The garden has served many purposes over the years, including as a school garden around the 1950s. Website in Swedish with a translate button.

Krusenstiernska Trädgården

Krusenstiernska Garden in Kalmar

The gardens of Krusenstiernska Gården were built in the 1870s, and correspond roughly to today's appearance. The eastern part then contained a kitchen garden with different vegetables, including asparagus. The cultivation areas were lined with straight paths with fruit trees, berry bushes and flower strips. Website in Swedish with a translate button.

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