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Vandalorum art and design

Vandalorum is a modern, international art and design centre in Värnamo, a museum and destination that moves freely between subjects and disciplines. Here, art and design are combined in temporary exhibitions at national and international level.

The concept behind Vandalorum’s settings was produced by the Icelandic architect Sigurdur Gustafsson in consultation with Vandalorum’s initiator Sven Lundh. The entrance house is flooded with light and dominated by the long reception desk. It takes its inspiration from the light and uncomplicatedness of Renzo Piano and is composed of a number of sails hovering just above the floor with openwork fronts and airy lightness. The same applies to the sail-shaped lighting above the desk. Vandalorum has art and design from local as well as international artists, designers and creators. Since it opened in 2011, the museum, which has attracted much attention, has grown, and it now consists of a main building and three barns with exhibition halls. There are always several exhibitions running concurrently, with a deliberate mix of art and design in close cooperation with artists, designers and the local creative industry.


Renzo Piano, the architect behind Vandalorum, values the place highly – the place where his architecture shall be part of the future. He values and is inspired by the local materials and building techniques. His museums are therefore not based on a preconceived idea but ‘grow out of the ground’. On the site of Vandalorum, there was once a drying barn for hay of impressive dimensions, painted red and with an ingenious roof construction. This barn inspired Renzo Piano. Piano is also a master of light who demands ideal conditions for our experiences, and Vandalorum is therefore not just a work of art in itself but is also characterised to the highest degree by functionality and quality.

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Visit the design shop and enjoy good food in Syltan

Vandalorum’s design shop sells a wide and varied range consisting of personal interior decoration, gift items, design and much more. Vandalorum also has its own products in partnership with designers.
In Syltan, Vandalorum’s café and restaurant, you can enjoy creatively prepared and locally produced dishes, organic coffee, sandwiches and Småland ‘fika’ (coffee with buns and cakes). Vandalorum in Värnamo is therefore an obvious destination or stop along the way.

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