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Do not miss!

In Småland you will find a wide range of experiences. Plan your route well, to make sure you visit all of your favourites. These are the places you can't afford to miss.

Gränna city
Gränna city

Gränna and Visingsö

Gränna is beautifully situated on the eastern shores of lake Vättern. It is an old town, famous for its wooden houses, cobbled streets and rock candy making. Take a walk down to the harbour and get on-board one of the ferries to Visingsö island - a beautiful island in lake Vättern.


Meet a moose
Meet a moose. © Smålandet Markaryds Älgsafari

Smålandet Markaryds Moose Safari

The only moose safari where you can drive around in the enclosure in your own car or ride the little safari train, and meet the moose up close. Don't forget to bring your camera!


Meet Emil of Lönneberga
Meet Emil of Lönneberga. © Astrid Lindgrens Värld

Astrid Lindgren's World

A theme park where you get to meet the characters from Astrid Lindgren's stories and even play with them in the familiar settings!


Vandalorum Designcenter in Värnamo
Vandalorum Designcenter in Värnamo. © John Nelander


Vandalorum is a museum for regional, Swedish and international contemporary art and design, that also holds an excellent restaurant and design shop.


Red cottages in the archipelago
Red cottages in the archipelago. © Västervik

Västervik Archipelago

The archipelago of Västervik is often referred to as the most beautiful archipelago in Sweden. Tour boats run daily from Västervik to the sandy beaches and rocky shores of the area.


© Östregårds antique and flea market

Östregård antique and flea market

Experience a large variety of flea markets in Småland. Östregårds is the biggest of them all and here you can find almost anything.


Become part of the story at High Chaparral
Become part of the story at High Chaparral

High Chaparral

High Chaparral is a unique and quite unexpected theme park to find in the forests of Småland. When you enter into the Wild West of High Chaparral, you leave reality behind and find yourself in mid-19th century America. Actors and stuntmen bring classic characters like Lucky Luke and the Dalton Brothers to life, and you have every chance to take part in the play.


© Astrid Lindgrens Näs

Astrid Lindgren's Näs

Näs is a culture center and also the place where the world famous author grew up. Go on a guided tour in the house, see the exhibition about her life, or go for a stroll in the beautiful garden.


Try the art of glassmaking
Try the art of glassmaking. © Glasriket

The Kingdom of Crystal

Handmade glass has been made in the Kingdom of Crystal since the 18th century. Find both everyday glassware and art glass of world-class quality, and you are welcome to step up to the furnaces to see it being created - and sometimes even to try it yourself.


The Children's Castle
The Children's Castle. © Kalmar Slott / Marcus Funke

Kalmar Castle

Kalmar Castle is the best kept renaissance castle in the Nordic region. There is a lot going on in the old castle, especially in the summer. For example, you can visit the Children's Castle where you can challenge the Black Knight and be ceremoniously dubbed in the castle hall.


The wooden town Eksjö
The wooden town Eksjö. © Smålandsbilder

Eksjö Old Town

A unique wooden town, the oldest parts dating back to the 16th century, and an idyllic setting to walk around in.


© Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 2022

IKEA Museum

The museum is located in Älmhult in southern Småland, the heart of IKEA, in the same building where the world's first IKEA store opened in 1958.


50's kitchen at Husqvarna Museum
50's kitchen at Husqvarna Museum

Husqvarna Museum

In Husqvarna Museum you get to see more than 300 years of history about a fascinating brand and a factory.


Snow shoes in the summer
Snow shoes in the summer. © Symbolbilder.se

National Park Store Mosse

Store Mosse national park is Sweden's largest peat soil south of Lapland and a perfect place for hiking.


© Huseby Bruk

Huseby Bruk

Huseby Bruk is a former ironworks with a living history. Walk around in the park, gardens and castle, all dating back to the 19th century.


© Isaberg Mountain Resort / Patrik Svedberg

Isaberg Mountain Resort

A perfect place for adventures! Find excellent opportunities for mountainbiking, canoeing, hiking, fishing and swimming. And in the winter skiing.


Steamboat Thor at Kronoberg's  ruins
Steamboat Thor at Kronoberg's ruins. © Kulturparken Småland

Steamboat Thor

129-year-old Steamboat Thor is one of Sweden's oldest steamships. It departs from Kronoberg castle ruins and carries passengers around lake Helgasjön during the summer months.


© Filmbyn Småland

Filmbyn Småland

Filmbyn Småland in Marriannelund is a new tourist attraction and an activity destination. Visitors can experience and relive the movies of Astrid Lindgren and take part in the creation of films and stories, both through Filmbyn Småland's exhibition and by taking a tour of the film-locations.


© Little Rock Lake / Daniel Breece

Little Rock Lake Zipline

The largest zipline adventure in Europe! Fly over forest, streams and lakes, suspended in a harness on a stable wire, sometimes as fast as 75km/h.


Åsens By
Åsens By. © John Kimmich

Åsens by

Åsens by is a culture preserve of a tiny village where time has stood still since 1900. See what Småland looked like over a 100 years ago.


Railcar on the narrow gauge railway
Railcar on the narrow gauge railway. © Smalspåret

The narrow gauge railway

The journey from Hultsfred to Västervik is the longest on a narrow gauge railway in the Nordic countries and takes place in charming railcars from the 1950s. You travel through beautiful Småland scenery and the smells, the sounds and the surroundings give you a sense of making a journey to the past.