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Hyttsill - Hot Shop Herring

The combination of the heat from the glowing, molten glass, hearty Småland food, tall stories, pleasantries and glass-blowing – we can promise you won’t find it anywhere else in the world.

‘Hyttsill’ (hot shop herring) is an old tradition in the Kingdom of Crystal that dates from the time when the glassworks was also the local meeting place. It was always warm, there would be someone to talk to, and the cooling pipes (where the glass was slowly cooled to normal room temperature) were always hot and suitable for heating food. The glass-workers would also gather there for a bit. Tramps and hunters provided the stories and entertainment.

Festive evening celebrations

This tradition has now developed into a festive evening to which everyone is welcome. When the glass-blowers go home, the long tables in Småland’s glassworks are laid. The chef has cooked salty herring in the cooling pipe where the glass was left to cool earlier in the day. As the name suggests, herring plays a key role and is a must when the tables are laid in the glassworks. Herring is a strong, historical tradition not just in Småland but as an everyday food in the whole of Sweden. At the glassworks, the herring is served with several dishes – Småland specialities – fried pork, ‘isterband’ (coarsely ground smoked sausages), baked potatoes and the Smålanders’ own jam: lingonberry jam. For dessert, Småland’s provincial dish ‘ostkaka’ (a type of Swedish cheese cake) is served with strawberry or raspberry jam and whipped cream.



On a ‘hyttsill’ evening in the Kingdom of Crystal, guests enjoy the sense of community, warmth and good food, just as the tramps and locals have always done. And, of course, a modern-day ‘tramp’ will come and entertain you with songs, music and maybe a bit of local history. In short – a festive evening at the glassworks.

Experience hyttsill at Målerås Glassworks, Pukeberg's Glassworks, Kosta Glassworks, and for pre-booked groups at Bergdala Glassworks. (Websites in Swedish, but you can find contact details there.)

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