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Food & Drink

Småland - green in nature and on the table

In Småland green food is at the centre, and organic cultivations and KRAV-labelled restaurants are common. Our region is large and each part has their own specialties, but generally we all prefer locally grown organic produce.

Urban cultivation

Most restaurants and cafés take their inspiration from Småland’s nature: its forests, lakes, meadows and greenery. Some years ago, the urban cultivation project Östrabo Ekobacke was started in Växjö, a ‘city farm’ that is KRAV certified and supplies many of Växjö’s restaurants as well as private individuals with vegetables and root crops.

Ekobacken in Växjö
Ekobacken in Växjö

Ekobacken is an open place at which everyone is welcome to shop or just enjoy the environment. The cultivation is managed by the Macken Cooperative in partnership with the Municipality of Växjö. Study visits are also arranged and, time/resources permitting, outdoor cooking for groups. The season at Ekobacken ends with a harvest festival.

Sweden’s biggest food fair

Every year in September the food fair MAT, (Mat in Swedish meaning Food.) Sweden’s biggest fair for small-scale, locally produced food, is arranged in Växjö. More than a hundred food producers and culinary artists, primarily from Småland but also the rest of Sweden, attract some 50,000 visitors. The unique thing about the MAT event is the combination of forums and experiences together with several different participants. The aim is many different voices with the common denominator that they have some link to locally produced and sustainable meals.

Sjölyckorna at the MAT fair
Sjölyckorna's farm shop at the MAT fair. © Cathrine Rydström

Bondens egen Marknad (The farmer’s own market)

On a number of occasions in late summer and early autumn, Bondens egen Marknad comes to Växjö. Producers of locally grown and processed products from the county and its surroundings offer their own products – without any middlemen.


The farms are located within a distance of 250 km of the market, which guarantees that the products come from the region. Bondens egen Marknad reduces ‘the food miles’.

KRAV - a key player in the organic market in Sweden

The KRAV-label stands for sound and natural environments, solid care for animals, good health and social responsibility. Products with the label fulfil KRAV's requirements and are properly controlled at least once every year.

Below are some ideas on places to visit if you are interested in local producers and close-to-nature food experiences in Småland.

Sustainable food in Vimmerby

Ingebo Hagar

Ingebo Hagar is a KRAV-labelled farm with a sustainability theme and a range of activities for the whole family. Learn about the farm's many green initiatives and visit the farm shop and café built from organic materials and powered by solar energy. The café serves, among others, sandwiches and treasured recipes from Grandma’s cookbook and the shop stocks locally produced organic food.

Everything produced at Ingebo Hagar is homemade from organic, KRAV-labelled, local seasonal produce and all the vegetables, herbs and flowers are grown in the greenhouse and gardens. The farm also has a permaculture focus and offers tours where you get to meet the animals. If you get the urge to take a hike through the forests and pastures lining one of the trails leading from the 17th century village, the café will gladly lend you a picnic basket. Different types of accommodation are also available.

Ingebo Hagar farm shop
Ingebo Hagar farm shop

Astrid Lindgren’s World

Astrid Lindgren’s World is a popular attraction in Vimmerby so it goes without saying that the food served there carries the same quality stamp. Made from local produce, it is prepared from scratch and includes Småland specialities like "Isterband" and "Raggmunkar" alongside meatballs, regular pancakes and other everyday fare. Vegetarian options are also available.

Guided food walk at Korrö
Guided food walk at Korrö. © Cathrine Rydström

Health and gourmet walk on Korrö

A health and culinary tour in Korrö’s beautiful nature reserve. A nature guide will take you to different stations with tastes of delicacies from the region – everything from home-made sausage to local cheese and juice. On the tour, the guide will talk about edible plants and nature’s beings. Website in Swedish, but you can find contact details there.


Västerslät Farm Shop

The Västerslät farm, north of Kalmar, is in full production with their own fields of rape and traditional grains aswell as lambs and pigs. The farm shop is large with a café and a range of local products, but most importantly their own meat cuts and charcuteries. The idea is that the animals should live as well as possible and that the customers should know where the food comes from.


Open Farm Shed Shop

Sounds confusing? It's very simple actually! The busy farmers Rita and Lennart in Ugglekull, on the countryside in the Åsnen's National Park area, open up their shed in the summer for passers-by to pop in and shop for daily fresh local produce. You'll find all kinds of vegetables and fruits, their own apple juice and sometimes honey or eggs. There is no staff of waiting. Just pick what you want and leave the money in the milk churn. Delicious self service!


Rudenstam's Farm Shop

In the apple valley, north of Jönköping, you will find this farm shop that is great for bying local raw ingredients and locally produced food. Fruit and vegetables from their own farms are served during the harvest season. Other ingredients are as locally produced as possible, most of them from the store's immediate vicinity. Rudenstam's specialty is apple juice. You can find this drink and many more in the farm shop.


Sjöborgen Brew House

Peter and Malin at Sjöborgen truly lives the country life to the fullest, living off what they produce at the farm. The idea is to take those hyper-local flavours and transform them into a great meal in their outdoor cooking restaurant, or into tasty non alcoholic beverages in their Brew House. For example, ever tried drinking fennel or raspberry leaves? Their "Pork and Potato-Tuesdays" are a big hit with the locals.


© Pelle Wahlgren

Tastes of Tjust

Sustainable, local, tasty out in the countryside. This food and culture tour is arranged every year in September in the region around Västervik. Farm shops, cafés, restaurants and farms, to name a few, take part.
We must of course not forget Sweden’s biggest harvest festival – a quick journey from Kalmar across the bridge will take you to Öland’s harvest festival at the end of September.

Local farms and food in Småland

Fresh ingredients and a sustainable way of farming is the start of a great food experience. Food is fantastic on a plate, hand crafted by a skilled chef, but isn't it even better once you have seen the actual place it comes from? Nature is always close by in Småland and local producers are plentiful. Come and visit!

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