Hooks Herrgård
Hooks Herrgård. © The Common Wanderer

Health and relaxation

Relax at a spa

Enjoy the serenity in a spa. With the calm countryside close, it is easy to attend harmony and well-being!

Hestraviken. © Vagsund.se

Hestraviken Riverside Spa

Welcome to a nature-inspired spa for relaxation, with enchanting views of the river Nissan gently flowing right outside. Here you can book a spa with overnight stay, various types of treatments, or a day spa. Enjoy a sauna, pool, or why not take a dip in the river?


Enjoy the outdoor pool
Enjoy the outdoor pool. © Stufvenäs Gästgifveri

Stufvenäs Gästgifveri

With origins from the 19th century, you are greeted by tradition and innovation in a historic and scenic manor setting. At Stufvenäs Spa, you can recharge your batteries and find strength and harmony. Borrow a robe, slippers, and towel to enjoy the steam sauna, dry sauna, hot baths, and any of the treatments offered. Choose from various spa packages for a day or a weekend.


PM & Vänner
PM & Vänner. © Alexander Hall

PM & Vänner Hotel

Adjacent to the PM & Vänner Hotel is the Le Lac salon. Here you'll find Växjö’s most complete selection of professional treatments from head-to-toe. Services offered include hairdressers, skincare specialists, makeup artists, massage therapists, and spa therapists. From the hotel, you have direct access to the spa salon, and then to the hotel's rooftop terrace with a pool, Japanese bath, and sauna.


Outdoor at Hook
Outdoor at Hook. © Hooks Herrgård

Hooks Herrgårds spa

he architect-designed facility offers a relaxing atmosphere close to nature. The sauna landscape with experience showers, hot and cold pools, and treatments are mixed with top-class fitness and food. Book a time and let the therapist customize your treatment on-site. At Hooks Herrgård, you can indulge in a kind of more enjoyable life.


Kosta Boda Art Hotel
Kosta Boda Art Hotel. © Joachim Grusell

Kosta Boda Art Hotel

The hotel's five-star spa will gladly pamper you. Slip into a robe and indulge in warm baths, saunas, massages, and various treatments. Have you ever bathed in a work of art? The fantastic pool is filled with beautiful glass pieces by Kjell Engman.


Gränsö Slott
Gränsö Slott. © Västervik Framåt

Gränsö Slott

Gränsö Slott rests among lush oak trees on a peninsula in the Västervik archipelago. In addition to exclusive accommodation and a restaurant, the spa section offers several experiences including heated pools, saunas, springs, and a spa lounge with a floating Beachhouse. Treatments can be booked separately. Everything you could possibly need for a relaxing weekend or afternoon!


Badhotellets outdoor pool
Badhotellets outdoor pool. © Johan Lindqvist

Badhotellet Tranås

In a bygone era, the prestigious hotel was a place where the affluent would come to indulge themselves. The atmosphere has since been preserved, and now in a solid environment, it offers spa, accommodations, relaxation, or conferences. The spa has a variety of treatments to choose from, and the section has been carefully renovated to maintain its historical feel.


Warmbadhuset - Slottsholmen on water

Welcome to a unique spa experience at Warmbadhuset in Västervik! The entrance fee includes the loan of a bathrobe, towels, slippers, and ritual package. The ritual begins with a shower before you continue to enjoy the sauna, steam room, hamam, salt room, foot bath, and the large pool.

Solabergs Spa & Health

Solbergas Spa & Health is a spa with the Småland nature right on the doorstep. Enjoy wood-fired baths under the open sky or indoor walnut bathtubs, soothing and relaxing treatments in various combinations, and finish with a moment in the wood-fired sauna. Extend your stay by staying overnight at Solabergs B&B and don't miss a visit to the interior shop with carefully selected products.

Spinkarp SPA

In the middle of the forest, there is Spinkarp SPA where they only welcome one party at a time. In a truly unique environment, you can enjoy a sauna, outdoor hot tub, foot care, and a nourishing body treatment or spa ritual.