Real Polkagris from Gränna
Real Polkagris from Gränna. © Patrik Svedberg

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Sweets from Småland

Treat yourself to Småland sweets on your trip: visit the makers and buy them fresh. Who hasn’t heard of the rock candy from Gränna or the burnt almonds from Timmernabben? And real market sweets are of course made in Mariannelund. But you may not know that fresh cream buns can be bought at Herrgårdstoppen in Strömsnäsbruk. Enjoy!

Make your own Polkagris
Make your own Polkagris. © Anna Hållams

The capital of rock candy is called Gränna

Rock candy has its home in Gränna where it is made in many sizes, flavours and colours. The original is red and white with a peppermint test. The mother of rock candy, Amalia Eriksson, has brought on many smiles. In 1859 she was given official permission by the town administration in Gränna to: "Here in the town as a means of support, bake with her own hands coarse rye and fine breads and make so-called rock candy." The Swedish word for rock candy is ‘polkagris’. At that time, polka was a very popular dance, and the men liked to use sweets to attract ladies to dance, and thereof the name ‘polkagris’!
There are many rock candy makers in Gränna that not only sell but also offer demonstrations and allow visitors to make their own rock candy.

A passion for chocolate in Kalmar

At Johannas Choklad, the passion is complete – Johanna has made chocolate in Kalmar since 2011 and is now found on Kaggensgatan street. The interest runs in the family all the way back to her great-grandfather who started Kalmar Karamellfabrik. Now handmade chocolate creams of the finest quality are made as well as thin wafers in seven different flavours – everything from dark chocolate with sea salt to apple crisp and cinnamon. The shop has now been extended to include a café. Another activity is chocolate tasting for groups.
Johannas Choklad Website in Swedish

Herrgårdstoppen in Strömsnäsbruk

Bring the family on an outing to Herrgårdstoppen where the well-known cream buns are made on location. In the shop you can buy the homemade snowballs and chocolate-coated marshmallows, or choose from 600 kinds of sweets and snacks.
Herrgårdstoppen Website in Swedish

Råsnäs konfektyrer in Timmernabben

In the middle of Timmernabben along the Mönsterås coastal road, you will find the factory and the store. Enjoy confectionery that is made according to tradition, with care and from the finest ingredients. The factory store offers several varieties to choose from!
Råsnäs konfektyrer Website in Swedish

Hard rock candy from Mariannelund
Hard rock candy from Mariannelund. © Sofia Ernerot

Sweets in Mariannelund

Mariannelunds Karamellkokeri makes traditional handmade sweets to old secret recipes. It has made different kinds of sweets, chocolate balls, lollipops and pick ‘n mix since 1929. Approximately 200 tonnes of sweets are produced every year, and most are sold in markets and craft fairs in southern Sweden.

Mariannelunds kokeri

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