Kalmar Castle
Kalmar Castle

Kids & family

Fairy tales for children

Enjoy the fantastic children’s stories that have been part of the childhoods of young and old. Meet the characters, walk along the same paths as they did and take in the environment in which so many children’s stories originated. Learn about the many children’s stories that are part of Småland’s history!

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Kalmar Castle becomes the children’s castle

In the summer, the castle belongs to the children. Cosy story times and great adventures await. Meet horrid ghosts in the dungeons, follow a princess through the many halls and bedrooms in the castle or help the castle jester find a treasure. If you’re brave, you can fight the Black Knight.


The Noisy Village of Astrid Lindgren's stories
The Noisy Village / Bullerbyn

Katthult and Noisy Village

Continue in Astrid Lindgren’s footsteps and visit places in the region where the films, primarily about That Emil, were shot. You can visit Gibberyd, for example, the farm that became Katthult in the films about That Emil. There you can see the house, the farmhand’s quarters and the woodshed. The ‘real’ Noisy Village that was described in Astrid’s books about the children of Noisy Village – which is also where Astrid’s father grew up – is less than 10 km east!


The Museum of Legends in Ljungby
The Museum of Legends in Ljungby. © Smålandsbilder

The Museum of Legends in Ljungby

The Museum of Legends is located in the heart of the Land of Legends. Listen to skilled storytellers’ tales of brownies, trolls, ghosts and giants. In the summer, there are special story times for children, but the museum is open all the year round for visitors of all ages. In the Land of Legends, the journey will also take you to interesting legendary places by troll mountains, ruins, manors and out into nature where you can read about the history of the place in beautiful display cases. Look for treasures using a GPS, so-called geocaching – a fun activity for the whole family!


Astrid Lindgren's Näs
Astrid Lindgren's Näs. © Vimmerby Tourist Office

Astrid Lindgren's Näs

This is where Astrid Lindgren, our best-loved author, was born and grew up, took inspiration for many of her stories and books, climbed in the lemonade tree and played with her brothers and sisters in the woodshed. In the 1960s, Astrid Lindgren restored her childhood home to the way it was when she was born, and today the home and garden are open to visitors on guided tours


Filmbyn Småland Emil of Lönneberga

Filmbyn Småland (the Film Village)

When you get to Filmbyn, you are more than a cinema or museum goer. Here, Astrid Lindgren’s stories are told as they were in the films about That Emil, Seacrow Island and Pippi Longstocking. Here you can go behind the scenes and be part of making your own film, sing along to the film music, visit the studio sets and much more in the interactive settings.

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The fairy-tale wardrobe

Dress up as a troll, princess or knight. John Bauer’s fairy-tale characters come to life with the costumes in the fairy-tale wardrobe. The exciting and mystical wardrobe, which offers fun and play, can be found at Jönköping County Museum. There are troll outfits, princess dresses, knight costumes and more that fit children. Website in Swedish with translate-button


Nils Holgersson's World boats in water
Nils Holgersson's World

Nils Holgersson’s World

In Nils Holgersson’s World you can experience Sweden in miniature with play and adventure. For example, there is an adventure course nine metres up in the treetops, a pedal car course, mini golf, playgrounds with scrambling nets, a bouncy cushion and a laser shooting range. Website in Swedish


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