© High Chaparral / Patrik Svedberg

High Chaparral

The Wild West

Hands up, those who have ever played cowboys and Indians! High Chaparral offers genuine settings and professional performances for everyone who has ever dreamt of the Wild West – an action-packed activity for children and adults.

When you walk through the gates to the High Chaparral theme park, you leave reality behind and step right into 19th-century America. Here, you’ll bump into classic characters such as Jesse James, Billy the Kid and Calamity Jane, in great form. The stagecoach charges through the town. Bandits shoot Mexicans. The sheriff enforces law and order. Zorro stops a notorious bounty hunter. Lucky Luke keeps his arch enemies, the Dalton brothers, under (reasonable) control with the help of a couple of spectators. The audience, especially the children, are given plenty of opportunity to participate in all the exciting adventures.

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