Bike rental in Småland

A rental bike will help you navigate Småland’s varied terrain of green forest trails or city surroundings.
Flexible bike rental makes it easy for you to rent bikes at different locations around southern Sweden. They are conveniently located wherever you need them – close to nature, culture and bike trails. They offer electric bikes, mountain bikes, children's bikes, and women's bikes. Transport and package tours are also offered on the website. Find out more at:

Sportson Jönköping
Rent your bicycle, road bike, mountainbike or gravelbike in Jönköping and enjoy epic roads, trails or explore the views from the seat of an electric bike. Visiting Jönköping and it's surroundings, Småland and Sweden in general without cycling is not an option. Rental bikes are picked up at Sportson in Jönköping. We can also offer delivery to your hotel. Find out more at:

Isaberg Mountain Resort
Here you can rent Trek mountainbikes for both adults and children. You find the bikes in the sportscenter, however it is recommended to book your bike in advance. Find out more at:

JKPG Outdoor Activites
At JKPG Outdoor Activities you can rent a bicycle right in the city center of Jönköping. They can also give you advice on where you can find the best bike lanes throughout the city. Find out more at:

Visingsö Bike rental - Leklandet
Biking at the island of Visingsö not only gives you amazing natural experiences but also exciting history. Its possible to rent leisure bikes all year around at Visingsö and you both find Leklandet at the harbour. They have regular bikes, cargo bikes and tandem bikes. They recommend to book your bike in advance. Find out more at:

Småland cykel
Enjoy our province and beautiful sceneries by bike! Find out more at: