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A part of Småland


Ride around a lake, or explore islands, forests and towns. Bring your own bike or rent everything you need at one of the bike rental centers. Bike trails through lush nature - that's cycling in Småland!

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Biking South East

Biking South East is a network of biking areas for trail biking/MTB/mountain bike in eastern Småland and on Öland in Sweden. The trails presented here are built and maintained by local land owners, companies, clubs and non profit organisations that share an interest in the trail biking of the region.

Biking South East

Biking in Småland Astrid Lindgren
Cykla i Filmlandskapet Småland. © Cykla i Filmlandskapet Småland

Bike Tours Through Astrid Lindgren's Film Sets

Searching for an outdoor activity that lets you explore nearby natural scenes in Småland - and where you get to experience an important piece of Swedish cultural heritage? If so, a cycling excursion that takes you though some of Småland’s most famous filming locations is for you! The route starts at the attraction Filmbyn (Film Village in English), near Mariannelund and takes you through Katthult and Bullerbyn. You’ll pass places featured in the film Emil in Lönneberga, and other worthwhile sights – depending on which route you take. The distance ranges from 12 to 70 km. All day bike rentals are available. Because, after all, when you’re cycling through such famous landscapes, the winner is the person who experiences the most along the way! Feel free to book a guide or one of our delicious packed lunches.

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