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Go on a boat trip

With 5000 lakes, numerous streams and a 270 km coastline, Småland offers many opportunities for trips on water. Here are some tips on boats you can hop on for a tour!

Boxholm II
Boxholm II. © Tranås United

The exceptional S/S Boxholm II

Lake Sommen’s pride is the old steamer S/S Boxholm II, one of Sweden’s last remaining wood-fired steamers. In the summer, it operates several tours, some of which depart from Tranås. Some of the tours are theme tours, so come along on a story-telling evening, Sunday cruise or market tour.


A cultural heritage at sea

The next steamer, Thor, you find in Lake Helga outside Växjö, with a home harbour worthy of Sweden's oldest wood-burning steamer - Kronobergs Castle Ruin. Go on a tour that takes you to Sweden's southernmost sluice in Åby, it will be a memory for life! During the summer Thor makes different tours according to schedule, but also longer trips with dinner and an overnight stay.


With M/S Freden to Hasselö

During the summers, M/S Freden travels between Västervik and Hasslö at regular times. Hasselö is situated in Tjust archipelago, between Västervik and Loftahammar in northern Småland. Hasselö, and the neighbouring island and nature reserve Sladö, are two of the archipelago's most vibrant islands.


A boat in the middle of a stream with eight people aboard in the middle of a sunny day
Trolska båtturer. © Day fotografi

Trolska turer

This tour takes you on a fantastic journey in the environments where John Bauer found inspiration for his pictures and stories. The tour begins in the small community Bunnström in the northern ends of Bunn and then takes you south, towards the channel leading to Ören. Watch out for the bridges in the canal - sometimes you have to duck! If you look closely you might see a fairy hidden in the woods... Website in Swedish, but you can find contact details there.


M/S Solkust

Visit the mythical Blå Jungfrun, one of Småland's national parks. This unique island is located in the middle of the Kalmar strait, between Öland and the mainland. Since ancient times, there have been lots of stories and legends about the island. In Sweden, the most famous myth probably is the one about Blåkulla, where the witches gather at Easter. M/S Solkust makes regular tours to Blå Jungfrun, with point of departure in Oskarshamn.


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Discover Kalmar with 'the Flounder'

In Kalmar, the boat Flundran (the Flounder) takes you on an exciting trip around the historical city. Learn about historical events and anecdotes. Book your tickets at Kalmar Tourist Office.