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The fish in Småland

In Småland you will find lakes and waterways of various sizes that offer an exceptional variety of species as well as a thriving fish population.

Challenging waters and game fish

Our most myth-enshrouded game fish, the pike, is present not only in great abundance but also often grows really large here. The same applies to the perch. In Småland the striped game fish can be found in most waters and are a challenge that is equally rewarding and delightful for everyone behind the fishing rod. For those who dare to stand up to the pike-perch’s capriciousness, there is every chance to succeed. Some of Sweden’s very best pike-perch waters are located here and they annually deliver several of the largest sport fishing specimens in our country.

Fishing methods

In addition to the previously mentioned game fish, for which spin fishing is primarily used, there is also a chance to experience fantastic angling here for our most common coarsefish such as roach, bream and tench. On top of that, there are opportunities for varied fishing for trout or rainbow trout in both flowing and still waters. The variations are great and suit everyone from novices and families to the most inveterate sport fisherman.

There is also the possibility to visit Lake Vättern’s extensive expanses of water and try catching a Grand Slam: char, trout and landlocked salmon. As things stand today, some of Sweden’s most qualified fishing guides operate on our second largest lake, and they offer charter fishing that suits everyone.

Brown Trout
Brown Trout. © Ove Johansson

Brown Trout

The appearance of the brown trout varies depending on where you catch it. In Småland it can be found both in lakes, where it often grows to larger sizes, and in flowing water. Regenerates both under natural circumstances and when stocked in ”put and take” waters.

Pike of 123 cm and 11,5 kg caught at Getnö
Pike of 123 cm and 11,5 kg caught at Getnö. © Ingrid Olsson


The pike is one of our large fish of prey and eats most things - even members of its own species. It often provides both a fantastic strike and an enjoyable fig ht. Smaller pike prefer to lurk near reeds and other vegetation – while you have to go farther out on the lake for the larger fish.

Perch. © Adam Johansson


The striped perch is, in addition to the pike-perch and the pike, one of our three most common fish of prey in Småland’s lakes. Fishing for perch can really be fun, especially in the summertime. Try spinners, jigs or classic fishing with worms.

Pike-perch. © Jörgen Larsson


The pike-perch is a thrilling and pleasant sport fish with good vision that makes it an excellent hunter. During the day jig fishing in waters that are rather deep can be a good way to come in contact with pike-perch. Whereas on warm summer evenings, the pike-perch prefers to hunt near the surface.

Protect our nature

When it comes to our waters, everyone bears responsibility for following applicable fishing regulations and restrictions as well as for obtaining a valid fishing license.

In addition to this, you should also observe moral and ethical considerations when you fish, regardless of regulations. Protect the largest and smallest specimens of every species and never keep more fish than you can consume after the terminated fishing permit. Ensuring excellent fishing for the future in this way is our mutual responsibility and an ecological axiom.

The right of public access is something that is appreciated by every Swede as well as the tourists who visit our country. To be able to stay and move around freely in our magnificent nature is a fantastic opportunity and a priceless freedom that belongs to everyone. Therefore, each and every one of us bears responsibility to find out which rules and restrictions apply for specific areas and to follow them. In this way we protect our natural surroundings and give our children and grandchildren the same opportunity to experience fishing in an unspoiled environment.

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Fishing permits

iFiske.se is Swedens leading portal for digital fishing permits. Here you will find a fishing license for most of Sweden's largest and popular fishing lakes and rivers. On the website, as well as in the app, you can search for fishing areas, look at maps, read fishing reports and read more about Swedish fish species and angling methods.