Fiskebåt i solnedgång, västerviks skärgård

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Archipelago fishing in Västervik

Västervik with all of its islets and rocks is one of Sweden's best sport fishing locations and attracts anglers from all over Europe. It offers not only world-class pike fishing but also good sea trout and perch angling.

The fishing trips can be astoundingly beautiful, offer moments of restful presence and an exciting rush when the fish are biting. Krister Andersson is a Västervik local who, after moving here from Dalarna, has discovered several good fishing spots in the area around Västervik and gladly cooks something nice from the days catch when they have been biting. The perch fishing is what attracts him the most. The best period to fish perch is from mid July to August and they mainly bite at dusk. Once the sun disappears behind the treetops the perch start hunting sticklebacks and bleak in the shallower water.

”You can get up to 10 kilos of perch in the final hour before it gets dark. One evening it was just incredible! There was splashing all around us and the small fish were jumping out of the water. I have never seen as many perch during my fishing trips in Dalarna,” says Krister.

What's the best thing about fishing in Västervik?

– The best thing about fishing in Västervik has to be summarised in one word - versatility. You can fish every day for a whole year in new places every day. You can fish for pike, perch, trout, herring, flounder... the list goes on, so there is something for everyone. There are plenty of lakes and an archipelago that's unique and alternating, rich in animal species. The sea eagle is seen every day, but also moose, deer, wild boars and other animals can sometimes be seen swimming between the islands. There are fishing shops, fishing guides, plenty of accommodation and free ramps. A complete experience!

What are the best recepies for your catch?

– Clean the fish, cover with salt and put them together with a bit of juniper into a piece of aluminium foil and then straight into the fire! Otherwise I fillet all fish I catch. It doesn't even require breading. It is sufficient with a small knob of butter in the pan, some salt and white peppar or fish seasoning. With some homemade mashed potatoes you have something really special! Sometimes I make fish gratin, experiment a little bit and discover new varieties.

Any tips for fishing enthusiasts in Västervik?

– The fishing camp at Lysingsbadet rents out rowing boats with engines and arranges guided fishing trips. Do not miss the Pike Open angling competition held every Spring and Autumn.