Family on a hike at Skurugata in Eksjö
Skurugata in Eksjö. © Day fotografi

A Part of Småland


Hundreds of kilometers invite you to longer or shorter hikes in the Småland landscape. Go on long or short hikes, cook your food over an open fire or bring a prepared lunch pack. Experience Småland nature in your own way.

Wallby & Skirö

The idyllic surroundings of Wallby Säteri are popularly called "Småland's garden" - a name that has come from the beautiful nature found everywhere around the manor. Next to the manor lies the lake Skirösjön, surrounded by forest and meadows. There are plenty of trails in varied terrains and lengths around the lake. "Saljen runt", for example, is a 35-km round trip with Wallby Säteri as its starting point. The trail passes both scenic Skirö and the beautiful Stenberga church, and takes about four hours to walk. More about the nature at Wallby.

Hiking in Småland
Hiking around Skirö and Wallby Säteri. © Emma Ivarsson

Tjustleden in Västervik

Tjustleden is a hiking trail that goes through all of Västervik Municipality. The total length is 203 km, divided into 9 stages. Tjustleden offers hikers a variety of experiences in forests and cultural landscapes, and each stage has its sights and nature experiences. More about Västervik's hiking trails, including Tjustleden

Utvandrarleden – in the emigrants’ footsteps

Many people in south-eastern Småland, where the forests are particularly deep and the soil particularly barren, decided to emigrate to America in the 19th century, particularly farmers. Author Vilhelm Moberg described the fate of one such Småland farmer's family in his novel The Emigrants. Utvandrarleden – the emigrants’ trail – is a 110 km long trail leading through the countryside around Tingsryd, Emmaboda and Lessebo that the emigrants left behind. Various round trips offering accommodation and transport of luggage are available, including in combination with bike and/or canoe tours. You find a map and detailed description of the trail on

The Emigrants Trail
The Emigrants Trail. © Alexander Hall

Ostkustleden – walk the Småland coast

Explore the secluded skerry coast and the tranquil forests of its hinterland by foot. The 160-km long Ostkustleden forms a large loop along the Småland coast and through its hinterland back to Lilla Hycklinge near Oskarshamn. Highlights along the way include views of the skerry coast’s bays and cliffs. Every 20 kilometres, you’ll find simple self-catering cabins open all year round. Read more about the east coast trail.

Vildmarksleden at Little Rock Lake Zipline

Vildmarksleden goes on paths and gravel roads through nature reserves, cultivation landscapes and large forests at the beginning of the Småland highlands. It is 37 km long in total, divided into four stages, fairly easy to walk and well signposted with orange markings on trees and poles. The trail passes the area where Little Rock Lake - Europe's longest zipline adventure - is located. In addition to the zipline adventure there are also viewing towers, picnic areas and a restaurant.

Industrial environments and old forests in Mullsjö

13 longer and shorter routes in the areas around Mullsjö offer a great variety of trails for hikers to choose from. Ryfors old mill outside Mullsjö has become somewhat of a track center, with several trails beginning or passing through there. Close by you also find the nature reserve Ryfors Gammelskog, with forest of more than 350 years.The trail that passes through the nature reserve is partly adapted for the disabled. In Ryfors you have 'Engelska Villan' that offers accommodation and food. More about the trails in Mullsjö

John Bauerleden through a fairytale forest

The 57,7-km-long trail has been named after the well-known Jönköping artist John Bauer, who gathered much of the inspiration for his mystical motives in these forests. On the hike you pass through fairytale forests and walk past old houses, the rests of a monastery and plenty of streams. More about the John Bauer trail.

Hinking in Småland, Sweden
Johan Bauer trail in Småland. © Patrik Svedberg

Through Emil of Lönneberga's Småland

Astrid Lindgren’s much-loved Emil stories describe the Småland of a century or so ago. Emil-Leden is a 40-km circular hiking trail through the villages and fields between Mariannelund and Lönneberga. Accommodation is available in both villages. Parts of Emil-Leden are identical to stages 3 and 4 of the somewhat longer Sevedeleden. Further information, both on Emil-Leden and Sevedeleden, is available at the tourist office in Vimmerby. More about Seveleden

Kalmarsundsleden (The Kalmar Strait Route)

An easily accessible hiking and biking trail that visits three municipalities. The trail is about 80 km long in total and follows forest paths, railway tracks, rural roads and coastal bridge paths. There are shelters and places to light fires at many locations along the trail. More about Kalmarsundsleden

© Alexander Hall

The Swedish Right to Roam

Given that Swedes place such an emphasis on the value of nature, it’s unsurprising that the citizens are encouraged to explore the great outdoors. Sweden’s Right to Roam laws (allemansrätten) give everyone access private lands and lakes, including the right to forage on those lands. Your rights and responsibilities in the Swedish nature