Taberg. © Smålandsbilder

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Explore Mines and caves

The mines in Småland have a long history, and some of Sweden's first mines were opened here. They mined for both minerals and different kinds of stone. Today it is possible to visit many of them, go on guided tours and listen to music in them.

Gladhammar's mines
Gladhammar's mines. © Västervik

Gladhammar mine

The Gladhammar mines are among the oldest in the country. Archaeological studies have shown that some form of mining and metal processing has been around as early as the 1100s. On site, you will find information about the history of the mines, a picnic spot and a short hiking trail. The area surrounding the mines offers a great view of water and Småland nature.

Kleva gruva
Kleva gruva. © Henryk Hörner

Kleva Gruva

Explore the mine on your own or with a guide. With a flashlight and a helmet on your head, you walk around and discover the different areas of the mine; a lake, shafts and ducts. If you want to experience more there are activities such as gold washing, treasure hunts and climbing. Bring robust, waterproof clothes as it can get cold and wet in the mine. It is possible to borrow rubber boots and jackets on site.

Taberg. © Smålandsbilder

The mine in Taberg

Step into the mine in Taberg. For an hour, you can get a guided tour and listen to exciting stories of what has happened to the mountain over the centuries. Who knows, perhaps you'll even hear the Lady of the mountain. She has lived in the mountain since the 15th century, when they began mining ore. Link to a website in swedish.

Music in Hörnebo Skiffergruva
Music in Hörnebo Skiffergruva. © Destination Vetlanda

Hörnebo Skiffergruva

In Hörnebo, one of Sweden's most beautiful open-cast mines is located - Hörnebo Skiffergruva (slate mine). Slate, used mainly for roofing in the mid 1800's, was mined here many years ago. In the summertime, you can walk around and discover the beautiful mine, and sometimes concerts are held there as well. Guided tours are available on agreement.

Stenebo mine in Ukna
Stenebo mine in Ukna

Stenebo mine in Ukna

In a mountain outside Ukna you find Stenebo mine, a fascinating and exciting place to visit. Remember to bring waterproof clothes and shoes, as well as a flashlight. The mine's history goes back a long time. In the night of 17 June 1875 the mine collapsed after having been pushed hard and the safety set aside for a long time. After the collapse the mine was used as a cadaver shed and dump. Today, the mine is a well-visited attraction. It is possible to walk upright in the mine, but the visit is nothing for the claustrophobic!

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