Smålandet Markaryd Moose Safari
Smålandet Markaryd Moose Safari. © Christer Ekstrand

Meet the King of the Forest

Småland offers a genuine moose guarantee. An estimated 30 000 moose are roaming in the forests of Småland, and if you don't happen to see them in nature, you might just be able to see one in a moose park. In some parks you are also able to feed and pet them!

Meet a moose

In the forests you seldom get to catch a glimpse of the shy animal. Maybe a moose will stroll by the cabin, or be found alongside (and on - traffic hazard!) the roads. At dawn and dusk, moose are most active as they search for food. Moose eat sprigs, leaves and berry twigs. During the day they retreat to their daytime lair. A large bull moose can weigh up to 500 kg. At our moose parks you get to stand face to face with a moose! In some of the parks you drive around in your own car, other parks offer a safari in open trains or by foot alongside an enclosure.

New antlers every spring

The bulls shed their antlers every winter. They grow out in time for the bull to be in great shape before mating season in the autumn. A moose cow gives birth to one or two calves, which follow their mother until the next year’s calves are born in the spring. Most of the time moose live a solitary existence. The groups of moose that one sees, usually are cows with calves or yearlings. A cow and bull can get together before mating, and groups of bulls can congregate during summers in so-called bachelor clubs…

Skullaryd Moose Park
Visit moose and deer as they roam free in a large enclosure in their natural habitat. A safari carriage takes you through the park and you get to see the animals close up as they are fed. The park also has a cafe and a shop selling souvenirs in an old-fashioned environment.

Smålandet Markaryds Moose Safari
Smålandet Moose Safari is the only park in Sweden built so that you can experience the moose in their natural habitat from your own car or on a safari train. Watch for bison and the king of the forest along the three kilometer forest road. The safari also has other farm animals, a cafe where you can try moose sausages, and a souvenir shop.

© Alexander Hall

Virum Moose Park
Experience moose and fallow deer in their natural environment. Go on a guided safari tour in the park and take the possibility to pet and feed the moose. Have some coffee at "Älglogen" and a look around the shop for some souvenirs, before or after the tour.

Glasrikets Moose Park Nybro
Here you are able to get really close to the king of the forest. The entrance building sells souvenirs, and the park has a pond with planted trout where you can go fishing. Adjacent to the park is a small camp site where you have the opportunity to stay overnight in your own caravan/camper.

Målilla Moose Park
An adult moose is about two meters high and can weigh up to 500 kilo. Moose are kind animals that like to swim or relax with their families. If you let them eat from your hand and pet them, you will see how nice and sweet the king of the forest is. There are also goats, chickens and bunnies in the park that you can feed and pet.

Elinge Moose Park
Moose in an enclosure in the wild. Go for a walk in the moose park and feed them! There are 8 adult moose and, in spring, lots of calves. There is also a playground for children, a souvenir shop and a cafe.

Laganland Moose Park
Here you meet stately moose and get the chance to get really close up to them. There are plenty of towers to take pictures along the enclosure, and the public area is also adapted for disabled people. Feel free to come at the breakfast feeding at 10 am, then the moose are especially active.

Grönåsens Moose Park
A walk of 1 300 meter takes you around the moose enclosure. Enjoy the beautiful nature and make a stop at the pond. If you are lucky, you will see a moose taking a swim or a drink. Along the walk are benches and lookout towers. The park also has other animals, a shop and a café.

© Alexander Hall

Mooseland Tingsryd
See moose, stags, fallow deer and roe deer in their natural environment. They live in an enclosure of about 35.000 m². If you get the chance to feed a moose, notice that they always smell what they are being served, because of their excellent sense of smell. There is a kiosk and a lake with a grill area.