MTB by the waterfall in Röttle, Gränna
Gränna is a perfect destination for MTB. © Alexander C Svensson

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Mountainbike & Pump track

Whether you’re hoping to find your thrills on some technical terrain or hone your skills on pump tracks, Småland is the perfect setting for mountain bikers looking for that next challenge. With top-notch trails Småland has plenty to offer MTBenthusiasts.

MTB on Isaberg Mountain Resort
MTB on Isaberg Mountain Resort. © Robert Brolin

Isaberg Mountain Resort

Isaberg Mountain Resort has 12 loops and trails, including mountain bike trails on either asphalt or gravel, pump tracks and a technical course. The resort has the perfect conditions for anyone who loves cycling. If you’re interested in a longer bike ride, we also recommend the Järnbärarleden and Kävsjölänken trails. The trails are almost 20 km long and lead to the Töllstorp mountain biking area and Store Mosse National Park. Follow the orange markings.
How to get here: Isaberg Mountain Resort, Hestra Training courses and bike hire:
Nearby accommodation: Hestraviken Hotel & Restaurant, Hestra. Isaberg Mountain Resort, Both offer mountain bike hire for guests.

MTB in Huskvarna
MTB in Huskvarna. © Patrik Svedberg

IKHP Huskvarna Mountain

Huskvarnaberget doesn’t just boast fantastic views. There’s also a mountain bike facility here that has hosted the Swedish, Nordic and European championships. The area has several clearly-marked trails offering challenging cycling along the European Championship course, including a red, black, blue and green loop. There are also opportunities for setting yourself challenges, whatever your skill level. The trails start from IKHP’s clubhouse. There’s also a pump track here. There are more loops just a short bike ride away, at Stensholm.
How to get here: IKHP’s clubhouse, Huskvarna. Bike hire: Great places en route: Brunstops trädgårdscafé, Klevaliden- Slope challenge. Brooklyn burger Nearby accommodation:Elite Stora Hotellet Jönköping, Hotel Vox,Scandic Elmia, Jönköping.

© Alexander Hall


Viserum is home to Dackestupet, a cycling area with trails for young and old. Set on Dackestupet's slalom hill, the park offers a surprising amount of elevation for those inclined to seek it out. At the top of the hill, you’ll find parking, fireplaces and other facilities, and a skills park. The trail starts here and weaves about 8km through the park. The elevation profile is challenging, as you’d expect of a slalom hill. But you might just forget about the effort while you check out the incredible views of Lake Viserum.
How to get here: Dackestupet 1, Virserum

View from Gränna mountain with mtb trails
View from mtb trails on Gränna mountain. © Alexander C Svensson

Gränna MTB

Gränna is fast establishing itself as a mountain biking mecca. And it’s no surprise. Starting at Grännaberget OK’s clubhouse, which is a convenient place to park if you’re coming by car, you’ll find two loops marked with blue mountain bike signs with white and yellow arrows. Around the loops there are some great paths to discover, built by genuine enthusiasts with a passion for cycling. The views, natural environment and challenges are sensational. A full-suspension bike works best here.
How to get here: Turning area Grännaberget OK clubhouse. Guided rides/courses and bike hire:
Great places en route: Gränna polkagrisar Grenna Museum Persgården, Visingsö, Uppgrenna Naturhus, Skarpabacken - slope challenge.
Nearby accommodation: Västanå Slott, Bauergården

MTB in beautiful terrain in Småland
© Robert Brolin

Gnosjö/Töllstorps Outdoor Recreation Area

Töllstorp outdoor recreation area has several marked mountain bike trails of varying lengths and difficulty levels, from easy family biking along a green loop to black/X-cup, a fantastic flow trail that’s used for the X-cup when it takes place in Gnosjö. If you’re interested in a longer bike ride, we also recommend the Järnbärarleden and Kävsjölänken trails. These are two footpaths that start from Töllstorp and are great for mountain biking. The trails are almost 20 km long and lead to Isaberg and Store Mosse National Park. Follow the orange markings along the routes.
You can also go mountain biking along the Höglandsleden trail.
How to get here: Fritidsvägen 6, Gnosjö Great places en route: Store Mosse national Park Bernts konditori Nearby accommodation:, Isaberg Mountain Resort. Both offer mountain bike hire for guests.

MTB in Jönköping
© Alexander C Svensson

Hallby Jönköping

Sports club IF Hallby has three marked mountain bike loops; a black one that is highly technical and challenging, a blue one that is slightly easier and a shorter green course suitable for the whole family and beginners. The area also has a pump track and kids track. If that doesn’t feel like enough of a challenge, you can easily get from Hallby to Olsbo via the Rallarleden trail.
How to get here: Axamo Hallbystugan 1, Jönköping Bike hire: Nearby accommodation: Elite Stora Hotellet Jönköping, Hotel Vox, Scandic Elmia.


The Karstorp recreation area in Västervik has technical and fast trails designed to challenge and thrill. The woody terrain disguises the hills, slopes, and other fun features for cyclists. Plus, you can hone your technique on the pump track at the start of the route.

If you’ve got anything left in the tank after your ride, try your hand at the tough obstacle course on the OCR track or leave it all at the outdoor gym or running track. Though, we’re sure that the 18km of Västervik’s best bike paths will leave you happy - as will the region’s famous fair weather in summer.


A scenic outdoor area called Långehäll sits on the edge of Blomstermåla. In it, you’ll find treasure in the form of incredible cycling trails. Beginners and kids can practice on the easier trails, while experienced riders will find joy in the challenges offered by the trickier trails. Technical obstacles and features like jumps, ramps, berms, and drops can be found throughout the park.
Parking facilities, water bottle refilling stations, and hoses for cleaning muddy bikes are all available at the trailhead. While fireplaces with cooking facilities and wind shelters can be found throughout the park. With more than 45km of trails to explore, Långehäll is bound to keep you busy!


The Målerås cycling area can be found just to the south of the road leading into town. It’s best to park in Målerås and follow the marked bike path along the short route to the trails. There are three short but not-so-sweet trails to choose from. They’re intense trails, best described as technical XC, so be prepared for demanding cycling and some messy conditions.
You’re probably going to leave the MTB area sweaty. We recommend bringing swimming gear so you can take a dip at the nearby Långegöl. It’s just 300m west of the entrance to Målerås and changing rooms and toilets are open seasonally. Plus, a few hiking trails start at the swimming spot. They’re well worth a look if you have any energy left after exploring the 8km of cycling paths.
Alternatively, you can follow the signs along gravel roads to the enchanting town of Kosta.


The large Svartbäcksmåla recreation area is just outside Nybro. It has trails suited to anyone from recreational cyclists through to experienced riders in search of a challenge. Speed down steep trails while taking in beautiful views or relax as you cycle through airy forests. There’s plenty to discover - including tranquil pine forests and old spruces, just like those portrayed by John Bauer.
The area is well-equipped, so you can plan to spend the entire day exploring. Cook your lunch at one of the many outdoor fireplaces. Or, if eating outdoors isn’t for you, head to one of the restaurants in nearby Nybro after you’ve worked up an appetite. There are change rooms, rest areas, toilets, and an outdoor gym in the carpark. With almost 30 km of trails, technical downhill runs, and a pump track on-site, there really is something for everyone at Svartbäcksmåla.

Wimer Bike Park

In the northern part of Vimmerby, near Astrid Lindgren’s World, you’ll find cycling trails that offer enjoyable riding and outstanding views. The terrain on the more difficult routes is amongst the most challenging in the region, so you can expect tough climbs and to leave the area feeling a sense of achievement. There are four trails of varying difficulty for you to enjoy and a cheeky BMX area for you to play on or to use for some warm-up laps. The easiest path is perfect for beginners and children. It makes way to the more challenging path, suited to experienced riders. One of the more challenging trails shares stretches with the course for Novemberkåsan – Sweden’s toughest Enduro race. Are you up for the challenge?

Spånenleden MTB

Spånenleden (website in Swedish) in Alvesta opened in 2017, and is a great trail for beginners and those wanting a calmer MTB experience. The trail is about 16 km long and starts at Vallaboden, which you find at the beginning of the exercise trail in Hanaslöv. The trail goes in a loop, and ends in the same place as it starts.

Biking South East

In eastern Småland, along the Baltic coastline, and on the island of Öland you can find numerous biking areas for trailbiking/mountain biking. The biking areas are all developed and maintained by municipalities, companies and clubs. They share your interest in mountainbiking, and aim to make their facilities and trails as accessible and easy to find as possible. You’ll find everything from the easiest trails for beginners, to trails that demand skills and your full commitment.