MTB in Huskvarna
MTB in Huskvarna. © Patrik Svedberg

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Mountain bike & Pump track

If you are looking for a fun but somewhat more challenging activity, you should try cycling on mountain bike paths that go in varied terrain. Or try so-called pump tracks, where you don't use pedals, but go up and down hills through pumping motions with your bike.
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Isaberg Mountain Resort

Discover Småland's hills and valleys on a mountainbike! At Isaberg Mountain Resort you find 12 trails and paths that consist of MTB trails on either asphalt or gravel, pump tracks and a technical course - perfect conditions for everyone who likes cycling.

If you are an inexperienced cyclist there are courses you can attend, and if you want a guided tour there are guides available. A tour takes about 1,5-2 hours and the groups consist of 1 to 10 people. During the tour you will stop several times to catch your breath, talk and drink water.

Svartbäcksmåla Recreational Area

Test your knowledge and challenge yourself in the different trails and on the pump track course at Svartbäcksmåla Recreational Area (website in Swedish). The four MTB trails are between 2,2 to 4,7 km long and the routes are easily recognised through signs and by using a map. In addition, they run in loops, so you will always return to the starting point. Here it is important to show consideration to other athletes in the recreational area - occasionally, the MTB trails join together with other exercise trails.

The MTB area Huskvarna

Huskvarna is ultimate for mountain bike cyclist due to its surprising and varying nature. Steep hills and sharp downslopes are mixed with challenging forest terrain. In 2016, Huskvarna organised European Championships in mountain biking. Europe's elite cyclist visited the city, and in steep slopes through the nature of Småland they fought for victory, all while having an amazing view of Lake Vättern. The area does not only attract local mountain bikers, but also tourists - national and international.

The EM trail contains just over 20 percent "downhill", which is a field where you cycle down a mountain in the shortest possible time. About 15 percent is about going upwards, where elite cyclist sometimes have to climb some parts with their bike.

Spånenleden MTB

Spånenleden (website in Swedish) in Alvesta opened in 2017, and is a great trail for beginners and those wanting a calmer MTB experience. The trail is about 16 km long and starts at Vallaboden, which you find at the beginning of the exercise trail in Hanaslöv. The trail goes in a loop, and ends in the same place as it starts.

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