Store Mosse National park Småland
© Christffer Collin

Welcome to the wild!

National parks

Småland boasts Scandinavia’s southernmost wilderness. Store Mosse, Norra Kvill, Blå Jungfrun and soon also Åsnen comprise the region’s national parks, protected areas that invite you to enjoy the splendor of nature, with care. Here you can hike, birdwatch and be captivated – but always on nature’s terms. Welcome to the wild!

Blå Jungfrun National Park

Shimmering in the heat haze on a summer day, the island of Blå Jungfrun (The Blue Maiden) is a sight you’ll never forget. It rises high out of the water like a slate blue granite dome, solitary and majestic.

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Norra Kvill National Park

Norra Kvill, one of four national parks in Småland, consists of genuine Småland virgin forest. It has not been logged for 150 years, and some of the pine trees are 350 years old. What you get to see here are fallen trees, huge moss-covered boulders and bewitching forest ponds. A hike up to the highest mountain in the national park affords a dazzling view.

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Store Mosse National Park

Enjoy more than 40 kilometres of footpaths and unique flora and fauna in Store Mosse National Park – Sweden’s biggest bog south of Lapland. There are footpaths and accommodation to suit everyone.

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Åsnen National Park

Åsnen, a lake with a unique archipelago, a 700 km shoreline and more than a thousand islands. This is also where you find Sweden’s 30th national park.

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