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Nature & Adventure

Wilderness Camping

In Småland, there are many options for those wanting to experience nature. Stay at a wilderness camp, where some basic facilities are offered. Or, if you are brave, raise a tent in the middle of the wilderness and sleep among trees (and animals).

One with nature

Camping in the wilderness of Småland could easily become the highlight of your trip. Bring a tent, sleeping bags, provisions, and clothes for all types of weather (because the weather sometimes changes quickly in Sweden), and you are all set. Cook your meals over a campfire, and if you are close to a lake, why not go for a relaxing evening swim. With nature as your closest neighbour, anything is possible.

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Freedom to roam

We Swedes are very proud of our Freedom to Roam - or, as it also is called, The Right of Public Access. It gives us a unique right to roam freely in the countryside, as long as we keep in mind to not disturb and not destroy. We need to take care of nature and wildlife, and show consideration for landowners. We all share and enjoy nature together - and we would like to invite you to share with us!

Thanks to the freedom to roam, we have plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. Although there is no decree precisely defining The Right of Public Access, it is still guaranteed in the Swedish Constitution. It is, however, hedged around laws that set the limits on what is allowed. The laws are not there to limit your experiences in nature, but to make sure nature is preserved for many generations to come, so that they can enjoy it just as we do.

Hätteboda Wilderness Camp

Småland's southernmost wilderness camp, beautifully located 14 km outside Tingsryd. Here you find peaceful privacy, a place to re-charge the batteries with few to no immediate neighbours and no electricity. If you need water, it is pumped by hand, and you chop the wood you need for campfires. Hätteboda offers a calm, primitive campground in nature by a lake, without TVs, computers or WiFi - something that to many people today sounds unbelievable. The original owners of the campsite felt that there was a need for a place for people to go offline and back to the primordial, and so Hätteboda opened in 1997 and has welcomed guests longing for nature ever since. In addition to the campground there are also rowing boats and canoes for hire.

Getnö Lake Åsnen Resort Nature Camp

On an island in lake Åsnen surrounded by gorgeous nature you find Getnö's nature camp, where canoeing, kayaking, biking, hiking and other adventures await you. Children can attend the nature school where they go on fishing trips, Viking adventures and learn about nature.

Ekna Nature Camp

A nature camp on a headland in lake Helgasjön just north of Växjö with two rowing boats, that guests staying at the campground may borrow. There is also a nice child-friendly bathing place in connection to the campground.

Virserum's Nature Camp

Beautifully located by the lake Virserumssjön in the middle of Småland. The campground offers large grass covered areas near the lake where you can raise your tent. WC and showers are available in a building close-by.

Hok's Nature Camp

With both forest as well as open fields, Hok's nature camp offers a calm and family-friendly campground just 50 m from the southern parts of Hooks Herrgård's forest golf course.

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