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Outdoor Paradise Västervik

When it comes to outdoor activities, Västervik is of international top class. At the Småland coast you can take in as much sea-air as you like, and simultaneously go out on an adventure you will not forget in the first place. Welcome to discover the archipelago paradise.

The refreshing Småland coast

With 200 kilometers from north to south, and a 4 250 kilometer coastline if we include our 5 000 islands and isles, we have a coastline that we, and many with us, call paradise.

The archipelago does not only offer fresh air and a natural beauty, there is also a growing, while tastefully dimensional range of restaurants, guest marina, guided tours and accommodation.

If you are looking for seclusion, you have the opportunity to find your very own island in the archipelago - thrilling thought. There are also plenty of outdoor activities offered in Västervik, where bouldering, kayaking, fishing and diving are a selection of everything that's available. Find your inspiration here, and on Västervik's own homepage you can read more detailed information.

Kayaking among the islands

In Västervik you can kayak in lakes as well as the archipelago. There are many trails of various difficulty, and the possibilities are endless. A nice tour of about 30 km takes you through lakes out to the sea and the archipelago, to Gränsö Udde. Having passed Ålsjön towards Toven, you will find a cafe - perfect for a little pause to recharge your batteries. Continue your tour through Grönvållsfjärden and Hultö, where the sea will open up in front of you. Most isles are small and only birds live on them.

One of the world's best bouldering areas

If you like climbing, Västervik is the perfect destination for you. The bouldering trails, where you climb rocks, attracts the elite from all over the world. Västervik's granite rocks offer one of the world's best bouldering areas for both beginners and advanced climbers. Every year the elite gathers here for the International Boulder Meet. Here you find a good overview of great bouldering spots.

Cycling and hiking

A fantastic way to experience Västervik is by bike or by foot. There are cycle and hiking trails along the coast and inland, depending on what you want to discover and see. For the adventurous person there is a popular mountainbike trial at the recreational area Karstorp, just outside Västervik center. If you didn't bring your own bike on your holiday, there are plenty of rental places.


The completely unique diving waters around Västervik belong to Sweden's least exploited ones. Dykpark Västervik is a project to make the diving in Västervik's archipelago convenient and safe for everyone. They mark diving spots and install buoys for simple and exakt mooring. They create the information about historical shipwrecks and draw maps of diving spots. Dykpark Västervik share all of this with those who are interested.

On a tour with a boat

The archipelago welcomes you to moor wherever it pleases you, as long as you follow the rules and regulations. If you do not have your own boat, you can rent a sail boat or motorboat in Västervik. The easiest way though to get out to the archipelago is with the archipelago ferry that goes between the larger islands in the outer archipelago during high season. Boat taxi or a post boat are other alternatives that traffic the water regardless of weather, wind and season.

Find your own paradise.


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