Nature & Adventure

Walk along Pilgrim trails

Hike through Småland on beautiful small roads, through picturesque villages with meadows and pastures. Enjoy a hike with meaning - stillness and silence, listen to the birds' singing, experience the wildlife. Perhaps you'll pass a moose, a deer or a fox on your way...

Nydala Monastery

The centre for pilgrims on their way through Småland

There are four main trails to choose from that meet in Småland in the Nydala area. Nydala Kloster (monastery) was once a large and significant Cistercian monastery, founded in 1143. Here you will find interesting remains from the 400-year monastery period, before Gustav Vasa's reform in the 16th century.

Eat and stay

At moderate distances (approx. 15-20 km) you will be able to find a bed and something to eat. The standards vary and range from manors and hotels to youth hostels or B&B's. Contact the tourist offices along the trails for information on accommodation, places worth a detour and where to buy provision.

Nydala Kloster
Nydala Kloster

The Nydala Trail

Markaryd-Ljungby-Värnamo to Nydala Monastery

Here you walk along a road that has been used since the first people began populating Sweden some 10 000 years ago. You travel in both time and space along a road that has been one of Sweden's most important since ancient times. The trail largely runs parallel to the river Lagan. Welcome on a pleasurable hike along a historic road through a living landscape.

The Western Sigfrid Trail

Fridafors-Urshult-Väckelsång-Växjö-Alvesta to Nydala Monastery

This trail is the Småland part of the famous Pilgrim trail extending between Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain and Trondheim, former Nidaros, in Norway. Today the trail starts in Fridafors and continues north towards Nydala Monastery in Värnamo Municipality. Along the trail you find churches and many other places to visit.

The Munka Trail

Nydala Monastery-Byarum

The Munka trail starts in Nydala and connects the two Middle Age Cisterian monastery remnants; the monk monastery in Nydala founded in 1143, and the convent in Byarum founded in the 1170s. Tallnäs Stiftsgård is located in the middle of the trail and offers accommodation.

The Francis Trail

Byarum - Jönköping - Alvastra

The Francis trail begins where the Munka trail ends in Byarum, and goes through Jönköping and Huskvarna along lake Vättern's east side, past Gränna and ends in Alvastra monastery on the borders of Småland-Östergötland.

The Eastern Sigfrid Trail

Källebäcksmåla - Kolsboda

The Eastern Sigfrid Trail is about 30 km long and passes four churches; Hagby, Voxtorp, Arby and Mortorp. The trail can be divided into stages or you can walk it in its entirety. A map and booklet can be found at Kalmar tourist office. The trail is signposted with information boards along the road.