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Discover Småland by bike

Biking around in Småland is an excellent way to discover those hidden spots that make your trip extra special. Bring your own bike, or rent everything you need on site. Here we list a few of Småland's gems when it comes to cycle trails.

Bike around lakes & along the coast and archipelago

Småland is much more than just forests. We also have 5000 lakes and several cycle trails that take you around them.

Lake archipelago & rich birdlife

The cycle route around Lake Åsnen is around 140 km long and starts in Alvesta. Åsnen has been designated Sweden's next national park, mainly because of its unspoilt lake archipelago and richness in birdlife. It’s also a wonderful site for fishing, canoeing and hiking. Around half the trip is along car-free trails and follows old railway embankments. The route passes through areas of stunning countryside and interesting sights.

Ready for a challenge

Ambitious cyclists may want to cycle round Vättern, Sweden’s second-largest lake and a round trip of 300 km. The ‘Vätternrundan’ bike ride takes place every June, involving thousands of cyclists riding around the lake, but you can of course also cycle around the lake whenever you want to.

A historic island

Bike around Visingsö and enjoy the surroundings as well as the island's exciting history. Biking the 25 km around the island takes between 3 and 4 hours. Lush oak forests and farmland co-exist on Visingsö, and along the way are several possibilities for a picnic break.

Varied nature and a cultural landscape

Kalmarsundsleden (The Kalmar Strait Route) is an easily accessible hiking and biking trail that visits three municipalities. The trail is about 80 km long in total and follows forest paths, railway tracks, rural roads and coastal bridge paths. There are shelters and places to light fires at many locations along the trail.

If you want to extend your bike ride and bike on Öland, there is a bicycle ferry, M/S Dessi, that traffics the water between Kalmar and Öland in April-September.

Cycling on Hasselö

Hasselö is one of the Västervik archipelago’s largest islands and can be reached by scheduled boats. The island’s 9 km gravel trail, on firm terrain, makes it perfect for cycling trips. If you’re after rougher ground, there are also trails through forests, footpaths and hiking trails criss-crossing the island. Bicycles are available to rent on the island. Find out more.

Forests, villages and towns

Remember to look out for those hidden gems!

Astrid Lindgren's Vimmerby

Bike through a beautiful, wooded area affiliated to one of Sweden's most loved and internationally known authors. Starting in picturesque Vimmerby, plenty of cycle trails are available that take you to places connected to Astrid Lindgren and her stories. Vimmerby Tourist Office has more information and a map.


The city offers 13 different cycle routes starting from the city centre. Choose anything from the Växjö Eight route, which is 8 km long and takes you past two of the city’s lakes, to the 350 km ‘Kronobergs trampen’. The Växjö Tour is just over 40 km long and is rather unusual as city tours go, passing by six lakes, attractive countryside and residential areas of the city. The route includes rest areas with shelters, places to make a fire and other amenities. A cycle map shows the bicycle paths in Växjö.

Glasriket - the Kingdom of Crystal

Cycling in the Kingdom of Crystal takes you onto small roads surrounded by spruce forest, with lots to see and experience along the roads - not least all the glassworks and shops. Information about cycle trails and things to see is found on the website of the Kingdom of Crystal and in their cycling booklet.

In the footsteps of Vilhelm Moberg

The 130 km long bicycle and hiking trail Utvandrarleden (the emigrant route) takes you on a trip through the native home of author Vilhelm Moberg, who wrote the worlds famous novel suite “The Emigrants”. The villages Ljuder, Långasjö, Korpamoen, Moshult and Duvemåla all play a role in the novels, and they really exist, in Småland. The emigrant route is part hiking trail and part cycle route, and in some parts it's also possible to go canoeing. Both routes are round trips with accommodation facilities at convenient intervals.

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