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National park

Store Mosse

Småland's Norrland

Enjoy more than 40 kilometres of footpaths and unique flora and fauna in Store Mosse National Park – Sweden’s biggest bog south of Lapland. There are footpaths and accommodation to suit everyone.

Store Mosse National Park is located halfway between Gnosjö and Värnamo on the west side of the Småland Highlands. It is the biggest of its kind south of Lapland, with 7,740 hectares, or 10,840 football pitches, of unspoilt bog. The nature in Store Mosse is reminiscent of that in Norrland and is characterised by great diversity of plants and animals, with everything from lakes and marshes to cranes, moose and eagles.

Here, you can walk and explore on your own by following one of the footpaths, or go on a guided tour such as a snowshoe walk – in the middle of summer!

Footpaths for everyone

The footpaths in Store Mosse go across footbridges and vary in length from 500 metres to 14 kilometres. The path of the Forest Trolls is a fun option for families with children. Look for the lost troll among gnomes, small animals, birds, butterflies, flowers and lichens along the 500 metres long trail. Those who want a longer walk can go round Lake Kävsjön with its rich birdlife. And at the Lövö round trip you are passing through the hilly forest landscape entirely on firm ground. Svartgölsleden and Wibecksleden are accessible for wheelchairs.

Naturum Store Mosse. © Martha Wagens

Start at the ‘Naturum’

A good starting point for your adventure at Store Mosse is the Naturum, a kind of centre for information in the national park. As well as facts about the nature and the park, there is a BBQ area, warm shelter, bird tower, exhibitions and other activities, in other words, a good starting point for your visit to the national park. If you would like to stay the night in the national park, you can choose from cosy houses on Svänö, Lövö or Kittlakull. Accommodation with wheelchair access is available. Pitching a tent in the National Park is allowed in designated areas up to 3 nights. And dogs must be kept on a lead.

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