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Splashing, swimming and diving

We have everything from beautiful sandy beaches and smooth flat rocks to tiny inland lakes. Suddenly you come across a sign that says ‘Badplats’ – follow it and see what awaits you.

Some of our top swimming places

Småland offers more than 5000 lakes and rivers, and more than 200 km coastline, and you will most definitely find a swimming place that meets your expectations and wishes. Here we guide you to some of the places to take a swim. Look at the map, choose in the list or look for the blue sign along the roads saying "Badplats". You can also ask at your local tourist office for further tips.

Kalmarsundsbadet, Kalmar strait

With a view over Kalmar strait and the castle, with proximity to both the city centre and green areas, Kalmarsundsbadet is a very popular bathing place. A long shallow bathing bay and a 180-meter long dock invite you to long days on the beach.

Lögaberget Västervik

In the middle of the archipelago town Västervik you find a sea bath with cliffs and a view of the inner city. A short walk from the city centre and you're ready to dive from the sun-warmed cliffs. Bring a ball - there is a beach volleyball net.

Vita Sand Vassmolösa

A shallow and child-friendly beach. This is the ideal place if you want to build sand castles and play with a bucket and spade. If you would rather avoid sand between your toes, rocks extend directly adjacent to the beach and there is a jetty 160 meters straight into the sea

Råsvik badplats

At the lake Hummeln lies the child-friendly swimming place Råsvik, which is an excellent place a nice summerday. Bring a picnic basket and enjoy the rays of the sun on the large grassy field or down on the sandy beach. Go for a swim or jump from the bathing jetty or from the diving tower. There are two large changing rooms for ladies and gentlemen.

Vätterstranden Jönköping

With a kilometer-long sandy beach and large grass fields, the swimming place in Jönköping centre is hard to beat. The water of Lake Vättern is clean and clear, and the sand light and fine-grained. Beach volleyball nets, basketball fields, playground, grill place and toilets are available. The beach is adapted for the disabled, and parking spaces can be found closeby.

Hättebaden Tranås

The bathing place Hättebaden is beautifully situated in Tranås and has capacity for 200 guests per day. There is a restaurant and camping, as well as changing rooms and a toilet in the area. On the lake are jetties, and for those who want to do other things than swim, there is miniature golf, canoes and a steamboat.

Gränna Badlagun

This beach in Lake Vättern offers a view that's hard to beat, large grass areas and a sandy beach. The lagoon is adjacent to Gränna harbour, close to shops and service. Bathing jetty, playgrounds, beach volleyball net, mini golf, barbecue area, shower and toilets are also available.


Evedal lies at Helgasjön just north of Växjö. A true open-air paradise with several different activities, besides the bathing place of course. A small marina, boat ramp, canoe rental, mini golf, adventure golf, hiking trails, inns, restaurants, green areas, hostels and camping. Perfect if you want to stay active a sunny summer day.

Mjälens Badplats

Swimming place in Lake Bolmen near Ljungby, with a jetty that is also adapted for the disabled. Choose to jump in directly from the jetty or take it slow by walking into the shallow water.


In the lake archipelago Åsnen lies the beautiful Hulevik bathing place. There is a floating pontoon bridge, an anchored raft and a stone pier. If you want to swim a certain distance, there is a buoy 50 meters from the stone pillar. The area mainly consists of lawn, but with sand down by the water.

Many of the campsites in Småland also have swimming places

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